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You're welcome...

Quick evo update

Bybeatle Volume One

Roughly 8 Months



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Just a heart felt thank you to all those of you who pre ordered the Golden Nugget already - if you have any sizing questions don't be shy and get in touch...

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Where are all the denim artisans?



Don't get lonely, I'll be getting a subscription to this thread in February, too busy setting up shop ATM.



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I was unable to find this brand in the forum so I'm asking here... (I hope this is the right spot since I'm guessing it's a newer brand)


Has anyone Heard of People for Peace? http://peopleforpeace.com/  My buddy who lives in Chicago just picked up a pair. The denim looks okay on the website but I don't know much about the details. In the about section, it has a slide saying it's made in USA. My buddy said he bought his pair for about $100. If anyone knows anything, some info would be great since my friend is asking me as if I know.

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S.J.C. is a brand that specialises in high quality, well researched and fastidiously constructed menswear.  I am not into exact vintage reproductions, nor do I generalise with a weak attempt at a heritage item.  I select and merge the strongest features from a range of a particular vintage garment, say the American work shirt and put them all into one finished classic piece.  


The most important factor for my brand is that my garments are as masculine as they are beautiful.  Masculine beauty is what is missing in mens fashion and it is my number one intention is to inject this aesthetic back into menswear.  Masculinity is not to be confused with dressing as if one has fallen out of a 90’s workwear catalogue in a flannel shirt or growing a beard and riding a Union sewing machine around to validate one’s roots.  It is about ease with beauty.  Who walks around with a hammer wearing a $300 flannel shirt made in Japan?  A shirt you could not wear out in the evening on a date either.  It shows a poor imagination and a fear of beauty by both designer and buyer.  A fad.  Adding beauty to a garment uplifts a man’s spirit, it separates him from the drab and the unthinking.  I make items that you can not only work in but you can wear on a date anywhere. There are very few brands that can offer that.


This is not just my objective, but one I share with hundreds of different men I’ve spoken to over the past few months.  This dialogue helped me create better measurements, titles, fit, fabric choices and honed my ideas. Out of this research new friendships have also evolved.  However, the past four months have been an uphill battle.  I started out by contacting dozens of manufacturers who all demanded a minimum order of 250-500 items per run.  I couldn’t fulfill that.  Besides that wasn’t even my objective.  My goal was to test my ideas about men’s fashion.  So I scoured the world to find tailors who would take on single orders and cut each item by hand.  After dozens of emails and calls I have found a few good tailors scattered all over the planet in USA, Italy, India, Thailand and Kuala Lumpur, small family run tailors to make samples.  I’d hand pick the cloth, threads and buttons and have them flown in for assembly, but samples were poor, designs misconstrued or the fabric wouldn’t turn up at all.  My designs are incredibly detailed and they took many emails to communicate them.  Any mistakes meant we’d have to start again.  This meant they’d need more fabric, more shipping more problems.  There was no margin for fraud or theft - of which there have been a few.  But failing enabled me to learn.  Learning enabled me to get stronger to test my abilities and churn everything back into samples, which you will see soon here.  Selling to some influential people in the denim scene and visionary customers has vindicated my eye for detail and beliefs in masculine beauty.  Their confidence and feedback strengthened my resolve and has made this all worthwhile.  


Indeed there has been such a sizable appreciation of what I am doing that I have been invited to move my workwear operations to Japan with some very special help indeed (which I will share with you very soon).  The  S.J.C. workwear line will be in sizes to suit all shapes and sizes, particularly the western physique.  Having a 6’2†western body the fit issues with Japanese heritage wear is something I intend to address head on.  The range will of course be put together with awesome Japanese construction, the finest denim and the greatest attention to detail.  The other third of my forthcoming range will be made here in U.K. where I am based and will be made with the height of British craftsmanship, fabrics and finish.  So, that’s the past few months of my story, tough but worthwhile.  


If you didn’t know it or see it, my first offering was the 11oz Herringbone Denim Work Shirt made from Japanese denim.  It’s now available again and I am doing another twenty five pieces.  It is a truly fantastic price against the build and cost of any other handmade denim shirt on the market, and available now.








Today I am doubly excited to introduce to you a 16oz English corduroy winter Work Shirt.  It is fitted and luxurious and super strong.  These again will be strictly limited to twenty five shirts (also available now).








I'll be adding new stuff shortly.  S.J.C. is a Magento store, owned by ebay (owners of Paypal) so your payments are incredibly secure. This is something that I know is important to you.  Thanks for your support SF.  It’s great to be here.  I will share all I do with you as I go.  


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And hallelujah!

the Golden Nugget is completed and ready for dispatch from Kojima.

Will keep you posted!

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With The Golden Nugget Work Shirt En Route I feel like getting ready for spring.


Hope you guys feel the same way and you will be able to take advantage of the end of season sale.

Discount Code BLUESPRING gives you 17% off Volume One 17oz Selvage Jawns.


Starts tomorrow and expires 2nd March 2014 - simply apply code after Paypal checkout.

Looking forward to warmer weather and loads of Nugget pictures...




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And Golden Nugget delivery scheduled for tomorrow! Will dispatch all pre-orders right away :)  :)




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And evolution updates.


11 months on Bybeatle Volume One - no washes.




10 weeks on Bybeatle Golden Nugget - about 6 washes at 40C



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Date Time Location Tracking Event 18-02-2014 23:42 Basingstoke Depot Loaded to vehicle for delivery 17-02-2014 23:54 Basingstoke Depot Loaded to vehicle for delivery 17-02-2014 08:47 Basingstoke Depot Delivery scheduled 17-02-2014 08:42 Basingstoke Depot Awaiting payment of charges 16-02-2014 07:20 Basingstoke Depot Awaiting payment of charges 15-02-2014 13:36 Basingstoke Depot Awaiting payment of charges 15-02-2014 01:27 Basingstoke Depot Awaiting payment of charges 14-02-2014 05:27 Basingstoke Depot Awaiting payment of charges 14-02-2014 00:07 Basingstoke Depot Received at delivery depot 13-02-2014 11:59 National Hub Received and processed 13-02-2014 05:29 International Hub Revised charges to be paid 13-02-2014 05:26 International Hub Forwarded for UK processing 11-02-2014 17:00 International Hub Awaiting Customs Charging 09-02-2014 18:34 International Hub Awaiting Customs clearance 09-02-2014 18:33 International Hub Awaiting Customs clearance 09-02-2014 18:01 International Hub Received in destination country 06-02-2014 05:04 OSAKA INT BAG Forwarded for export 06-02-2014 04:25 Delivery Agent - OSAKA - PTT Forwarded for export 05-02-2014 15:17 Delivery Agent - JAPAN Collected from customer


waited all day yesterday…dah…shall wait again today

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And The Golden Nugget made it! All pre-orders will be shipped out tomorrow morning!

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Looks okay. Not a fan of that left shirt pocket tho. What's the use case on that?

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18oz raw selvage Bilt Tough Dungarees being put together



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SJC Bilt Tough Chinos in the making


14oz English Twill


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Reinforced belt loops sewn into waistband. 



bar-tacking happening.



The Wheel of glory



These are heavy duty ww2 non commission chinos also in 18oz raw denim soon to drop

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Male and Female solid brass biscuit stamps for a top grain 30's mailbag and large tote.



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18oz raw SJC Bilt Tough Dungarees just got a patch


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Okay they're here!  18oz raw (one wash) SJC work pants just landed and they are sick.  
Note there is only a 100 meters of this dark stuff so first in best dressed so to speak.




14oz brushed English twill in Khaki



14oz brushed 100% cotton Cocoa



Same in Navy





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Evo update on Volume One & Golden Nugget









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Good Stuff Beatle!!


Yo guys my site is up and running, finally things are starting to take shape, sign up for releases as they are all limited runs www.simonjamescathcart.com I think there is a contact button in there somewhere if you'd like to have a chat, that would be cool with me.


Right so, I'm going to do a 5 pocket jean call Yard Boss in 16oz shuttle loom denim, here is the jerky patch



Here is the fly panel 




Thanks I load some news on them soon, peace.

Edited by simonc

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This is the new Yard Boss jacket, it will have 40's cut jeans to match it




Got the patch on it





16oz shuttle loom Japanese denim






I'll let you all know when and where it's available soon.



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Nice lookin jacket - denim sounds good too - well done

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Hey Everyone,


I want to introduce everybody to Metazashi, a denim line my brother and I just started.  All of our jeans are made from Japanese denim and are manufactured by us in our small workshop.  The metazashi was a special tanto carried by Samurais on their left side, and serves as the inspiration for the tanto logo which is hand painted on the back pocket.




We have always loved contemporary and impressionist art and we see clothing as another form of artistic expression.  It only takes a brief look at our website to see how our passion for art has influenced our passion for denim.  All artwork on our website and social media is original; both of us paint frequently.  One day I wondered why not use a pair of jeans in lieu of canvas, which led to the medium I creatively named ‘art jeans’. 


We look forward to showing everyone our work.




Check out our website:



and our social media:






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      We offer free shipping worldwide and our UPS account will ensure a fast and reliable delivery around the world.

      I have been a SuFu member for years sharing thoughts, ideas and countless questions about denim and clothes that are made with heart and soul. This inspired me to set up and finally bring Rivet & Hide to life.

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    • By whackedout
      Whats up sufu, here I have a few things up for sale for cheap the only payment I accept is Paypal, I ship only to the U.S but willing to ship outside on buyers dime. Please PM me for any questions or concerns. Additional photos on certain items will be provided upon request. All items are new and/or worn for no more than a month. Followed instructions on how to measure on IHUK.
      ALSO I have additional photos if needed, just PM me. I can ALSO take additional photos upon request just tell me where to point it.
      -Paypal Only
      -Located in Los Angeles, Ca - Meet ups are on my time and at a public location.
      -Will consider any offers.
      IronHeart 21oz Superblack Slim Cut Jeans (The Devil's Fit) 666SB - Price - $200 Shipped
      These are brand new, I haven't worn them out of the house, no creases, no fades (these don't fade) but I did try them on, Had them hemmed at IHUK and will supply the hemmed pieces. But I did try and soak them thats why the hand pockets are a bit whiteish. Tried to stretch em but it didn't work.
      Measurements are in inches. 
      Waist : 31
      FR: 10.2
      Hemmed to 31.5


      ByBeatle- Volume One - $200 Shipped
      Unworn and unhemmed. Tried on, didn't like the fitment. Tags still attached. More photos upon request.
      Waist: 17in
      Front Rise: 11.25in
      Rear Rise: 15.7in
      Thigh: 12in
      Knee: 8.5in
      Hem: 7.8in
      Inseam: 37in

    • By elmcitizen
      Selling my Golden Nugget from ByBeatle, size 46. It's been tried on but never worn, still has the tag attached.
      Purchased during the pre-order but its just not the fit for me 

      Specifics of the shirt are here: http://bybeatle.com/products/8oz-japanese-denim-work-shirt
      Shoulder - 19.8
      Chest - 23.5
      Length - 29.9
      Sleeve - 27

      Asking $250 USD, with free shipping via USPS to CONUS (Will ship INTL at buyers cost).

    • By Max Power
      Interest check: I'm not 100% sure wether I can make this fit work, so before I soak I wanted to check if anybody has interest in owning these.


      I wear 34 in my jeans and sized up in these. I think if you're normally wearing 34-35 these should be perfect on you.



      (I can double check, but they are pretty accurate).

      The jeans are unaltered and all tags still attached.

      Normally I wouldn't sell these, but the next months will be pretty expensive.

      PM me if you're interested and thanks for looking.
       Fixed price:  230€ plus paypal. Shipping included in Europe, +10€ rest of the world.
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