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helicopter was brought out to shut down my afterparty


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it's crazy how much of an awesome human being I really am


wonderful father - yeah so tinkz every dood that hasn't ever taught his kids a single f'n thing about actual moving life brah cmon you ARE their age dem yo lil buddy ol pals


successful -Yep signed some shit n got ahead yet could never stay ahead since all you do is wanna buy some shit and ACTUAL successful people dont have to push anything to anyone and dont sell anything gaining success off anyone's opinionation or income 

 *lil finer detail I left out at section 1:subsection wtfever- same as with fashion


handsome -You look like the likka sto for a refill crossed with bawhh pleeease whateva


stylish -Damn yeah you can get along with the bitchhz[that is non gender specific btw] since you shop like one that doesnt at alllll equivalate to stylish or even proper perception there of, matter fact only thing I've seen you own that are pretty tough are the boots and youuuuu didnt design em or even think of em before they were popularized 



charming -Imagine that prince pauper swangin a magic gold charm n whatever whip impressin bishz that dont even graduate highskoo til they are like pushing 45 and I know u think that is your charm complimented but it isnt and any REAL BISH knows this which is aweesoooome fuhhhk it 


hospitable/nice/spontaneous/loyal -And like most even if that was at all true save the le pleasantries no one wants to trade mfnnnn recipes with you over sufu1,2, 3 4 5 or likely even 7 not like this forum is anything retail brand whored out or as if its damn faceebook, and you and your sugahboogers aint ever helped a single person Im sure and only HOES find any value in loyalty .. So uh do you got a pimp yet Cuhz all these cats have been smackin you around wholetime this thraed has been active, pretty spontaneously tooo phew.

 and I dont NOT like you. I dont , but damn





and i've been basically ballin' since I was 12 on my own/self made  -Yet you havent shot a single three TO DATE , not in this thread not in anything you've shown said done or unnessecarily tried proving 


man, i'm fucking perfect. i love me - goofyarse N**GA shut yo stoopiddbutt up 







  Bruh I'm sorry damn like but honestly, even besides fact we in supertrash still hella tasteless. 

 Hold on lemme hit a ronn -Dizzamn loook at dem paragraphs oooo my hands are jush so so strong N oooo my wristz totally brah stronger than any youz too like le oo ooo oo oooo oo





 First time I have actually dumpster dived, oh my. 

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do people from hypebeast join sufu just to make comments about ronnel in this thread?


 You got it backwards once again peon, and the nice comments actually treatin ronnel hauser like some dork are worse than any love taps shown as proper encouragement to grow df up and take a solidstep to an actual fuckinfuture. 


 Oh wait I'm talkin to anotha deekrider not even a halfway decent type dude like whose thread this is so any and all coments pretty much are a g o so uh lemme take a commercial break and make sure my last button is fully fastened on mhe jawnz , before all his bishz mouth start waterin or somethin actually straight hype

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