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worst (sufu) waywt fits

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it wouldn't look bad with different boots that match all the brown he has on his wrist and that dangley thing (piece of a dreamcatcher??), and the neck of the shirt not so low.

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Yeah when youre heftier like that you need a chunky boot to balance things a bit. Not terrible, but proportions need to be fixed.

The massive (obnoxious) cuffs make his legs look much shorter than they probably are. This has the effect of making his upper body looked stretched out.

I don't give a fuck that duuuu is a big guy, but he should know what works and what doesn't. Also, he posted pics because he wanted some type of response.

My advice:

1. Lose the accessories -- you're not a little aZn kid who works at Take5

2. Bulk up the shoes -- Big guys with large beards shouldn't be rockin TOMS look-a-likes.

3. Huge cuffs don't equal huge dick (don't tell Paul T)

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