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worst (sufu) waywt fits

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everything he is wearing is cliche fashion guy stuff. I think thats where he was going. plus that wasn't his style like 6 mos ago or whenever his last fit was. just kind of a trend jumper.


Wasn't he dressing like a 50's greaser just a few months ago?

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location change affected his style

first WAYWT. new jeans day seems like the best time to start. sorry about the quality.



SExIH07 (pre-soak)

chippewa for L.L. Bean

still looks like your thriftin' though



the boss



sorry for the crappy photo. It's the only shot I could take while thrifting today.

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i don't understand why people are defending that fit

shit sucks, and is definitely worst material. fucking beasting hard and looking like shit. lose the glasses, the tie, unbutton your shirt a lil, different pants and shoes. and no swag. du looks uncomfortable

especially if it's 103, come on....

also the glasses and hairstyle combined are making his forehead look huge. maybe he is australian

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