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  1. colourz

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    posting to see how long i have been here in the shadows edit: noice i'm aging well
  2. colourz

    Anime / Manga

    finally watched Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. it was pretty good for your standard mecha literally until the last episode ruined everything put me on a shoujo binge just to feel something real... that's what i get for watching a franchise spin-off but that got me watching ao haru ride which tbh is pretty well done, and for when it get's corny the animation is really crisp for fall 2014: Terra Formars Parasyte Log Horizon S2 new Mushishi part of me is hopeful for Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete but only time will tell
  3. colourz

    shit you hate

    subletting for a few weeks with some rando health goth fashion gay and this fool is so passive aggressive i can't take it keeps coming in my room when i'm not here and leaving little notes today i come in and there's a note on the bed saying "please don't smoke in here, i'm trying to sublet this room," with my emptied ashtray on top of the note. 20 minutes later grab my cigs to go on the fire escape, feels like the pack is lighter - looks like he swooped on like 5 cigs when he came in to leave his lil note for me smdh
  4. colourz

    Fashion jobs/internships

    @conqueror thanks dude, that's what i was interested in hearing. my one issue is i don't have prior fashion retail experience, and i'm concerned this will immediately deem me unqualified, or at least make my chances slimmer. I do have a lot of "hip" work experience but it's largely arts- specific (i.e. art handling, woodshop technician, gallery attendant, art book retail) so i'm hoping that will do something. and having been raised on sufu i've got a pretty extensive knowledge of the fashion world. Mostly looking for a job i'll be quitting in September when i go back to school, so maybe i won't aim ridiculously high. Thanks again tho
  5. colourz

    Fashion jobs/internships

    any tips for applying to fashion retail jobs?
  6. colourz

    WAYWT destroyed my life (2013)

    what does all black mean to u
  7. colourz


    this is so sick, i love the simplicity seriously needa get up on my quasi-zebra stripe pant game
  8. colourz

    Recent Purchases. . .

    i have both. they're both really fucking nice, but so far i prefer the two feet ahead. they're warmer and seem a bit more durable. these are really minimal differences though, so try both. if you're on a budget, though, you're not really missing out by going for the two feet ahead socks.
  9. colourz

    Supreme 2011 F/W

    supposedly this thursday, the 1st but who knows if that's for sure
  10. colourz

    To smoke or not to smoke?

    diamonds has already died
  11. colourz

    To smoke or not to smoke?

    just smoke cigars man! they're waaaaaaay better on your lungs and you'll get mad milfs
  12. colourz

    Post some "Next level" shit.

    gives pressing the start button a whole new meaning
  13. colourz

    Clothing/wardrobe insecurity

    had a lot of baby fat that kind of melted off like buttah
  14. colourz

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    i was really digging this until the saddest member of the lollipop guild started singing made me giggle the whole way through but ending is way sad (i have a heart)