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I know i just posted pictures of my Rescues.. but they were bad. and i figured i'd post some that were more representative of the true color. I used flash, but it wasnt bright, and this camera is old.. and grainy. but the color is correct. Its what they look like under the flourescent light in my room =] Had these since april of last year i think.




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I want to buy a pair of APC Rescue, but not sure how to size down. They say 2 sizes, but it depends on the jean on what size I wear. Levi's 501 a 36 fit's snug and Evisu 36 fit's an inch loose.

Would appreciate the help. Thanks!

I would get a 33 in your case, i'm a 33-34 waist and since I have huge thighs, I sized down to a 31, they were tight at first but stretched out like crazy. APC's are vanity sized mind you, so the actual waist is 2 sizes larger.

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I wear a size 29 raw indigo selvedge new cures and they are perfect (when I first got them, I could barely button them up all the way, which is good because they stretched to the perfect size). However, I also want to get the raw black selvedge apc new standards (because new cures don't come in a raw black), should I get a 29 in the new standards raw black or a 28? thanks!
most people size the same with the blacks. apparently, they are the same or a little tighter usually, so go with what you have experience with. i'd go with 28, but i hear that the blacks take a little longer to stretch out due to the nature of the dye.
i must say the new standard stretches a hella lot. i usually wear a 32 and i bought a 29 used from yea and they're already getting a bit loose after only 2 weeks.... im still not sure about how much to size down but i agree that you cant go wrong with a smaller pair!

I guess I'm too late, but I'd say go to 28 for a slim fit.

I got a 29 stretched it out like crazy.

So I got the black raw new standards today in size 28. It's a very solid fit. I could probably size down 1 more if I really wanted to. It would probably hurt and take 5 mins to fully button the sucker, but I could (it kind of hurt to put on my new cures when I first bought them, but they are perfect now). Should I size down with these if I can or considering the nature of the dye, I should just leave them be? Thanks!

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I saw the grey NS yesterday fo the first time - they looked kinda weird, they definitely arn't as nice of a wash as the grey NC that came out a year or two ago.

It's kind of a washed, rougher material, not really raw, and not thick as the old ones

you can get em in canada at havenshop.ca

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I wear a 31(stretch washes) /32 in Diesel (yeah, I know you guys hate em :-) and I;m just trying to figure out my proper sizing. Should I go for a 30w in New Standard? I'm just worried about the button fly stretching out and looking weird if I size down too much

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