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small questions thread (use before making a new thread!)


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Does anyone know if Barney's New York warehouse still has Levi's Capital E collection for sale, or if it's all sold out (or a poor selection is left)? I would have to come all the way up from South Jersey to find out, and they don't have a phone number to call. Any help would be muchly appreciated. Please PM me if you know. If you can find a direct line in that works, please also let me know - but I cannot find one that works. All I find is an answering machine. I really would love to get some 32" capital e rigid heshers, but I'm afraid of going all the way to New York to wind up empty handed.

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Just to follow up, as per someone's recommendation on here I bought 2 pairs of black laces to replace those that died of old age on my black patent CPs from shoelacesexpress.com and they were the worst quality anything I've ever bought. All 3 that I tried snapped as I was trying to tie them the first time. Much rage ensued. If anyone has another suggestion I'd much appreciate it.

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BoO or Thom Browne?

Thom Browne shirts aren't even that short.

Yes, they are way shorter than brooks brothers shirts but would

still look pretty long unless you are over 6' and super skinny i.e. can fit into 0 or 1

i wear M BoO but i am sz 2 in thom browne (BB1 with black fleece). They are def. not short enough.

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How does Adidas Rod Laver Cleans sizing run? I wear UK9 / EU43 at RAF Simons / Lanvin / Common Projects (for they all have the same sole afaik).

What Sz. will I need for those?

And where2kop?

I sized down a half size from my regular and they were good, but that was because they were sold out of US9 at the shop where I got them. I have the feeling that TTS would be ok too

Sorry can't help you on where2cop, I got them a long time ago

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halp! :o!!!

Not the same as tight OD black, but they are narrow black OD Cheap Monday's.


Personally like these better. 99% cotton, 1% elastine means it stretches less, but its feels a lot less cheap then tight skinnies (92% cotton, 8% elastine). They fit true to size but I sized up one to avoid things getting too tight.

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same here.

Id like to know why you think they might look awkward?

You can wear them with anything, form dress pants w/ a shirt to some jeans and a tee. They arent slim like common projects.

i dont know honestly lol.

ive never worn velcro shoes before and in my head it seemed like it would be awkward with most outfits. i need to try new things haha.

i was actually hoping they would be slim and narrow :(

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Anyone have experience with Lad jeans?

Is there anywhere I can possibly check these out / buy online besides the lad store:


been wondering the same thing. does the lad online store even ship to the US? i remember trying to register there before but some of the translations of their register account page always came out fucked, so i gave up

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