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1st World Problems


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My favorite is at beaches with big shorebreak. A lot of people think that you can just wade in the shoreline area, but on beaches with big shorebreak, you just get hammered with a wall of water. Saw some european chick's ass a couple of weeks ago after she got slammed and her bikini bottom came off.

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what island are you on? It's the best when you see people that haven't ever seen the ocean before...they all mesmerized then BLAM.

I'm on Oahu, so plenty of tourists abound.

And to keep this thread on track:

My email got spoofed and my entire address book got a nice spamming this morning. My mom called and asked why I'm sending viagra emails.

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^^working on a weekend is fucking harsh bro

there weren't enough marshmallows in my lucky charms today cuz my bastard roommate always pours his bowls with extra marshmallows.

last night a scrub dropped the blunt but we were all too lazy to fix it so we just lit another one.

my xbox controller died on me moments before my 4th nuke of the night in mw2.

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ignition switch was $700, had to be ordered from the UK.

had to buy new tires 2 weeks ago, have to do all 4 at the same time. Only tires avail of any decent quality were $1400 for the set.

air suspension control box failed, would have been $1600 but the shop said it would most likely fail again so I just ripped it out and put leaf springs in instead, still $600.

bought a new battery a few weeks ago, Interstate is the only brand available. Should have been like $60, was $130. Alternator is averaging .2 below desired levels, not a huge deal, but it will need to be replaced pretty soon I'm guessing...constant small electrical problems, fuses blow, lights short out, dash lights flicker, etc...

and on the horizon is the best...I'm getting a small oil leak and I'm almost positive it's gonna be a head gasket. Had it quoted at $2400.

It's a '99 with 94k on it, I only owe 5k, but the price of the repairs and the frequency is complete insanity. Toss in 9mpg (which I knew going in, I don't honestly drive that far or that often), and I'm hoping it'll get stolen and torched in the very near future.

and now I need new brakes, and probably rotors and calipers. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK SOMEONE STEAL THIS THING AND BURN IT FOR ME.

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