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Superswap v5


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___________________________________________________ _ _ _ _


7/12/2011 - The deadline to ship out has been extended to July 25, 2011 - LAST DEADLINE !!!!!!!!! - All packages sent out after this date will be considered late.

6/23/2011 - The deadline to ship out has been extended to July 13, 2011

6/15/2011 - The deadline to ship out has been extended to June 30, 2011

4/26/2011 - The deadline to ship out has been extended to June 20, 2011.

4/22/2011 - The deadline to ship out packages is June 10, 2011; Please take a picture of your shipping reciept and email it to the swap email, to prove that you have shipped out. It is highly encouraged that you ship with tracking as well.

4/19/2011 - As of April 19, 2011 8:25 Pacific, registration is closed. We decided to close it off a bit earlier due to demand. ; Everyone, please +rep Samsikle.

3/6/2011 - Deadline to join = April 22, 2011

___________________________________________________ _ _ _ _

Okay guys, its about that time of the year for some swappin'! Superswap v5 is now in session. This time, our wonderful Samsikle will be my partner-in-crime with organizing this.

If you would like to participate, please post your interest in this thread, and email us at: [email protected] with the following info:

Email Title: Superswap v5 / [insert Superfuture Name Here]

Full Name


Alright, these are some things to mention from what was experienced during the last swap... DO NOT BE LATE WITH YOUR PACKAGES! Though (some) people who sent out late last round sent out awesome packages, it makes things a lot less stressful for everyone including me if packages were sent out on time. If you're running on a busy work schedule, school semester/quarter or whatever, think twice about joining before you commit to this. People get quite nervous when they have sent a package out, but are still waiting for a package that should have been delivered to them a while back.

The last thing we want is our wonderful Super Care Package Crew to step in and send out goodies to those who did not receive packages from their original partners (either because they're running hella late or just being a bunch of dicks). Though that was awfully nice of them and I cannot thank them enough for stepping in, we should refrain from people doing more than what they need to do. I do however hope that I will be able to gather another emergency crew if needed (which I hope will not be!).

If you have participated in a previous superswap, please include a * in your post of interest in this thread and in the email title (next to your sufu name). This will be to look up your superswap activity history. However do not let this prevent you in joining unless you know you did not do a good job with a previous round. You know who you are. If you know you messed up in a previous round but would still like to join this one, you can go through an appeal process by emailing us at the address above.

This is a free-for-all round. Be creative with your packages! Remember, your partner is excited for what is in store for them. Also take that since you're going to be shipping and receiving from another part of the world, try sending off local items that they wouldn't otherwise get a chance to have. Don't let their hopes and dreams go to waste!

The best packages can be really inexpensive and thoughtful if you put a little effort. Super staling your partner, as awful as that sounds is highly encouraged! Research and see what your partner would really appreciate. Some popular things that people have sent in past swaps include food (snacks, sweets, chips, coffee), handmade items (drawings, baked goods, shirts), magazines and books, small accessories (hats, socks, keychains), and even jawnz (freecat got a suit in v4!).

Here's examples of an awesome package: AWESOME | AWESOME #2

Here's an example of a not so awesome package: NOT SO AWESOME

Alrighty, that's the rules. Once again, if you need any personal clarification feel free to shoot either one of us a PM. Have fun everyone! :)

name bolded: email received!

$: Package sent!



1. Tacotron* $

2. samsikle* $

3. ohsnap* $

4. jaac* $

5. freecat* $

6. scott.m* $

7. Icarus* $

8. Spaghetti* $

9. mrjuby $

10. thelion1856* $

11. lak*

12. neptunecitylocal $

13. i wear shooes $

14. joelz* $

15. bryanayrb* $

16. wahwho11 $

17. Evilcrayon $

18. haploid $

19. Eeyore $

20. Aeroplane $

21. goat $

22. robgotsastaplerr $

23. FranklinCosgrove $

24. Lendo* $

25. Prokart $

26. Scais* $

27. Homi29* $

28. Christos $

29. xewo $

30. lerrr $

31. Clopek* $

32. on-display* $

33. Gruntle $

34. Syed * $

35. Playdisonlyatnight $

36. Oxy. $

37. ̶G̶u̶l̶l̶y̶S̶i̶d̶e̶

38. Goslett $

39. OkayOkay $

40. todesengel * $

41. supercrap $

42. Scoki $

43. exteeng* $

44. amardeep* $

45. Hailxenu* $

46. cyberPUNK* $

47. Dioxic $

48. Shufon $

49. herefortheswap* $

50. kaws&effect* $

51. servealoha

52. vanilla wafer $

53. funkdoobi $

54. jewbagel* $

55. evilgeniusdan $

56. sunisa $

57. eean $

58. desi $

59. kemosabe

Participants, please check this post regularly for updates such as deadlines and things like that.

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hey i'm taking note of who's been shafted, we'll leave a little note to your future partner letting them know to put a bit of extra love into it ;) also if you wanna let us know who fucked you over it would be a great help. we won't let them participate in this swap. fuck 'em!

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ps - i fear for Haploid....he's gonna get a package of poop. literally.

Let's try to keep this swap respectful as well. Send packages that you would not mind receiving... and I know none of you want poop.
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