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what did you get for XMAS


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The Old Man and the Sea

Dr. Strangelove DVD


Venture Bros Season 1-4 (possibly my favorite)

White Truffle Olive Oil

Black Truffle Salt


and my dad got me some gold, and a fireproof box to keep it in.

oh and my girlfriends little brother gave us his Wii which was pretty nice of him

merry christmas sufuers.

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$5000 cash

$5000 barneys from gramz n popz <3

Junya Jacket

Visvim Jacket

New TV and DSLR camera


New Visvim Virgils preordered

Rick Owens outfits to switch out with my supreme and dior

all the other cool SUFU stuff


all that shit and you still can't dress yourself.

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Pure laughs from my little Angel! She's 2 & half now so properly understood what was goin on....


Supreme jacket

Gitman shirt

Nike ID am 90's

Usual socks, deodorant, shower gel


Nice Vera Wang gift set

Some other bits an bobs, I was amazed how much i got ti be honest.

Made the most this year as well, as last year I was on nights!

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50 dollar starbucks gift card

a skull candle

a t-rex explorers book WITH t-rex model fuck yeah

a korean pottery mug

an indonesian shadow puppet in leather and gold

a wooden letter opener shaped like a dolphin

a book on savile row

a t-shirt with skulls printed on it

2 boxes of sweettarts

2 chinese bootleg dvds

a piece of chocolate 1 ft x 6 in x 1 in

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Didn't get anything this Christmas because I live in some place where no gives a rat's ass about Christmas, but I gave to my family:


42" for stepdad


Touch 4th Gen for mom, so she can finally learn to send emails and also to Facetime with me. My mom is comp illiterate (Chinese immigrant concepts).

Touch 4th Gen for dad as well, cus he said iPads are too big for his taste, and Galaxy Tab is a piece of shit.




for sister.




for other sister, because her laptop can't handle HD webcams, lol.

Errrone happy ^__^

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