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The Android Cell Phone Thread


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I have the G2X, and though my network downloads are a bit sketchy speed wise, its entirely my network (on Wind in Canada). Other than that, its been great, runs pretty much everything well, and the only issue I've had with it, is the proximity light sensor for calls has bugged up a couple of times (twice in three months), fixed with a shutdown and a 5 second battery removal.

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as someone who has only had an iphone but have been looking at other options i wondered how people with the larger screened phones like them. does it make usage nicer? internet browsing etc.

for those who have seen the 'galaxy note' do you think 5.3 inch screen would be too large as an everyday carry?

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Damn, I actually threw Cyanogen on my Sensation last night. Got scared when it stuck in a boot loop at the CM7 loading screen, but I restarted to HBoot, cleared the cache and then cleared the Dalvik cache, reflashed and it worked fine.

Also the dudes over at the XDA forums are super helpful, I'd hit them up if you haven't already.

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