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Most fucked up thing youve ever said to somebody...?


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I cannot abide poor female hygiene, and I have always been pretty frank about it. It just completely kills my libido on the spot. I've never exactly kept any friends after shutting shit down, but one girl did get angry enough to try slapping me. Wrestled her ass out and told her "I'd rather jack off over my toilet." Bacteria my ass, it's called having folds that you need to keep clean.

I know most of you guys would probably hit it anyway. Not me, nononono.

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Was chillin with a friend sittin outside taklin . She lives by a school when school is out kids would ride their bikes all thru ..

So some little girl come FLYIN down to the end of the street not on the pavement parking lot like everyone else - but in the street

Well .. she hits the end of the street where there is lots of gravel and leftover blacktop chunks and is feeling badass or trying to do like the boys do she has seen on their bikes i dunno . and she SLAMS the footbrake ..

she completely gets fucked up wiping out into the gravels and falls and immediately balls up and starts looking like she WILL NOT cry but here eyes are filled ...

I run over - some 20 feet down the street pick her bike up stand it up reach my hand out like c'mon get up are you okay ,.... she doesnt reply just looks at me mad . I try again - c'mon lil mama get up dust yourself off are you okay or what ..

she starts like growling at me like its my fault so I just had to ask again ..


I helped .. she let the tears she was holding back out . bigtime

i walked away and said " you betta be okay "

everyone else thinks it was fucked up . I KNOW i did my part though

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I overheard two amazing things that were fucked up.

1)walking to work outta the cortlandt stop in nyc. I worked on maiden lane(right off the trade center pit). two girls in front of me, see some other girl walking down the other side of the street, first girl says to the other, "that girl's outfit is so pre-9/11". I immediately veered into a bar and ordered a beer.

2)walking in DC, behind some girl on her cell phone who proceeds to say "yeah, we could do that, or we could go to the holocaust museum and get our cry on". Immediately veered into a bar and ordered a diet coke.

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Something to the effect of:

"You are completely fucking delusional; it's obvious to everyone around you that she has absolutely no interest in you and is completely out of your league. We laugh about this regularly when you are not around. She only strings you along because she craves attention but you have literally no chance so quit acting like a highschool bitch and move on so we can stop getting these fucking status updates. GODDAMN DUDE NOBODY CARES"

Context: Said this a couple of years back to a colleague of mine who drifted into our group of friends in law school. He looks like Kevin James and quotes family guy in social settings. He has clearly never self-analyzed for even a moment of his entire life because if he did he would realize that people universally believe him to be fucking annoying.

She was a georgia peach who was nice to everybody 1L year for purely strategic reasons. He became instawhipped and clearly got friendzoned but she always spent just enough time with him to keep his hopes up. For about a year we would all nod and smile as he regaled us with tales of broken promises and obvious exploitation. She ended up fucking his roommate (my good friend) without his knowledge.

That night he was acting like a cocky shit (like always, if you will it it is no dream) and I just couldn't take it anymore. He got extremely angry and yelled fuck you to me at the top of his lungs 2 or 3 times in a parking lot. My boy (his roommate) said I was too harsh on him but admitted it had to happen eventually.

I felt bad about it later but only because he was so sensitive and clearly got crushed. He got over her when he found out she fucked his roommate but spent the back end of law school repeating the situation with a new one. Never apologized but he apparently forgave me as he continues to annoy the shit out of me over the internet to this day.

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i fucking accidentally ask a girl ( newly introduced to me like 3 mins ago ) after a 10 sec silence that how can i make her horny and theres this moment of silence and staring at the ceiling and floor and she told me to fuck off

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To one of my coworkers, a guy in his 50s who had been dry for a couple years after being an alcoholic all his life, who was making sanctimonious comments about everyone else getting drunk at a work event:

"You're just mad because you can't handle it [alcohol]."

Froze him in his tracks. Too close to home. I felt bad but not too much because he was, in fact, being a sanctimonious dick.

At the same event, when he made some stupid comment, I told him

"you're just mad because for once you are not dominating the conversation with your self-absorbed bullshit"

Again, froze him instantly because it was a truth that nobody had ever had the guts to tell him. Other coworkers separated us for the rest of the evening and years later I am pretty sure he is still mad at me.

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"Do you have a fucking deathwish"

He was hitting on my girlfriend in front of me at a club, I was loaded, I'm not that tall and the guy was probably over a head taller than me so I was pretty much looking up at him and it was just the most ridiculous thing I could think of to say before I hit him.

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