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Most fucked up thing youve ever said to somebody...?


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How the hell did a deaf-mute person make fun of your weight man? Did he mime it out or something? In that case, the retort is quite easy: "At least I'm not deaf and mute." - Check and mate.

he was miming a skeleton

if you know me personally you know that any insult concerning my weight makes me wanna hulk smash, i broke a du's nose after he called me ''anorexic crackhead'' once

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Yeah, but you were made fun of by a deaf-mute. That's nearly as bad as being made fun of by an adopted red-headed step child. Almost.

Also, of course I repped my own post. It was a good post.

it wasn't. deaf peeps are just regular folks with no hearing. just like you're a regular man with no common sense

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I've been dieting lately. Not aggressively, I'm not yet at the point where I need to count every calorie and cut out carbs entirely, but I've been doing my best to watch what I eat.

Yesterday I sat down to some low sodium tomato soup, a slice of 10 grain toast, and a glass of carrot juice (by eating like this throughout the week, i feel okay about eating cheeseburgers on the weekend). my co worker, let's just call her...Wendy...wendy strolled into the kitchen for whatever purpose, and took it upon herself to give me an appraisal of my lunch.

"ewww what is that orange stuff?!"

a little background information. wendy isn't 10. wendy isn't 16, wendy isn't even 25. wendy is 34 years old. wendy is also fucking pregnant. you should have seen enough in your 34 year old, pregnant-ass life to not be grossed out by what is pretty fucking obviously a glass of some kind of health juice.

me: it's carrot juice. it's good, and it's super healthy wendy. you should have a glass. it'd be good for you, and the baby.

w: ewwwww grosssssss no way that looks disgusting! i'm going to have some grape juice. it's healthy too!

me: wendy. let me see that grape juice. (investigates nutritional info). wendy, this has 40 grams of sugar per cup. that means that in the same amount as a can of pop, there's almost twice as much sugar. just because it has vitamin c doesn't make it healthy."

w: well, carrot juice looks gross. i want something that tastes good.

m: wendy, you're pregnant. regardless of whether or not shit tastes good you should be eating healthy food, especially with the complications you've had.

w: i know, i can't though. carrot juice is gross. i'll stick with my grape juice.

m: wendy, you haven't even tried it. how fucking old are you? 8?

w: no i'm 34.

m: yeah, 34. you're old enough that you shouldn't be afraid to try things because of the way they look or sound.

fast forward to today.

wendy is in her office, which adjoins mine, allowing me to hear everything she says.

about an hour ago, her phone rings.

"Hello? Yes this is Wendy. I'm sorry? Oh, hi Dr. Henry. I have what? gestational diabetes? oh. is it my fault? oh...so my diet may have contributed? i don't eat a lot of sweets though! i mean, i drink a lot of juice but its really healthy tropicana stuff! [at which point smack my fucking head]. okay...so i can't have any more juice? oh...just sweetener. ok. well, i'll call you in a bit to make an appointment. okay, thanks dr. henry."

i guess the fucked up part is that i'm haven't said a thing, and i'm not going to. if i open my mouth to talk to her about it i'll probably tell her it's her fault and no one elses, and that can't be good for a fetus. i feel bad for her baby but she's a fucking retard.

can i ask what race wendy is?

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there needs to be an IQ test before you are allowed to have kids


 K so the diznik was so good apparently jus can't fight the superhyphy borerline overpowerin feelin ya wanna slap yo momma right where she stan even add in a ohhhh youu willlll toooooo make me sammish womann readin really do beez fundamental once awhile like awww helll yeah to the yeahz it is????


























































  Embrace it.

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When I was back in highschool i thought this dude was hitting on my, at the time, gf so obviously like a tough 16 year old I had to respond to this. I found the kid at lunch and chewed his ass out and called a fucking faggot like six times, even then I felt bad but I saw the movies, i knew all about highschool and what had to be done.


Anyway fast forward like a week and one of my homies was all,"I can't believe you called that trans girl a fag lol." And i felt my heart 100% stop and all I could say was, "no; Fuck" over and over. Turns out my gf and the girl were homies and were just gonna' take some pictures after school for photo class. dumb bitch didn't have the nerve to tell me what I did before it was too late.


Fast forward again and I eventually worked at the same place as this girl and I was too pussy to even say hey or begin to apologize, that was like 7 years ago and to this day i get that heart feeling, man fuck.

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Anyway fast forward like a week and one of my homies was all,"I can't believe you called that trans girl a fag lol." And i felt my heart 100% stop and all I could say was, "no; Fuck" over and over.

Don't use that word in any context please, no matter what point you are trying to make.

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