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Most fucked up thing youve ever said to somebody...?


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once this girl I love/d was begging me on her knees and shit in the street not to leave and I just said no...

Told some kid I would never be friends with him and that he could fuck off; way harsher in context too and idk why I said it, came out of the blue, he probably wasn't a bad guy I'm just real antisocial and don't care about most people...

Told this ex that I messed around with for no reason that I didn't have feelings for her even though she thought we might get back together. I don't really remember what I said leading up to it, but not remembering is probably a euphemism and I don't want to get into it...

Honestly I try not to say fucked up shit anymore, and I've been doing pretty good but I've been an asshole for most of my life and I think for the most part I have my mouth straight these days but I still let people trust me and treat them like shit sometimes, though I try not to. Mostly it's the unspoken drawn out shit that's more fucked up these days but that's off topic so whatver...

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I told my brother he was adopted, and went on telling him why and giving evidence as to why this was true(it wasn't)

also told him that he was an accident and that my parents fucked on newyears and got preggers.(Hes born in october)

i was pretty young when i said these things, i was an asshole

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I was once getting down with some chick who was known to be somewhat promiscuous, we were getting hot and heavy, but right before we got into it, she decided to stop the action. I was slightly drunk, and really annoyed that I wasn't going to get my dick wet, apparently, so I said something along the lines of, "what, you've already had enough dick in your life?"

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There was this half-Asian (Korean I think) / half-Caucasian guy in my middle school and he thought he was something special. I knew his dad was white and was in the military.

We were playing basketball and he pissed me off for whatever reason so I told him that "he is nothing but a son of a whore since his mom was probably a hooker in the military base."

He and all the other kids on the court fell silent as soon as those words left my mouth.

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I was put into a group with this guy I really couldn't stand during my last semester in college, for whatever reason, he seemed to think we were good friends. One day in class he started telling me about his girlfriend and how insecure he is around her cause she parties really hard(He sleeps around alot too), I just turned to him and said "Are you going to open up to me right now? Cause I dont think Im drunk enough for that"

To make things worse, my other group member who happens to hate him as well, started cracking up and going "Ohhh shiiiiiiii... Ohhhh shittttttttt"

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My buddy and I, mid typical high school banter / making comments to each other

Me - whatever dude, I fucked your mom

Him - yo, man, wtf. my mom's dead

Me - oh, so that's why she didn't move around a lot last night

buddy next to me whispers to me "yo, she really is dead"

I looked back at the dude and was like "ohhhh shit"

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i was high out of my mind and just always decide to fuck with this kid when i see him on the floor


me-staring him down

him-starts talking about something

me-calmly tell him to shut the fuck up (staring him down whole time)

him-some response

me-tell him to shut the fuck up and keep his fucking mouth closed

him-less response (milder interjection?)

me-keep your fucking mouth shut

him-i think one more response

me-shut your fucking mouth and shut the fuck up

kid was obviously scared, my roommate told me that he had confided in other students (including my roommate?) that he was genuinely afraid of me and scared that i will physically injure him

before above incident:

i have put a knife or some blade to his throat a few times and hit him with my hands more times (all in jest though!!!!)

most recently:

(still in acid brain sort of)

me: told the kid that i know for sure now that "reality" is not real and that all feelings are just synthetic bullshit and our brains are just computers and we're no different and we're hardwired to want things, but now that i know this i do not give a shit

him: some inane remark

me: nooooo, i do not think you understand i do not give a shit. i do not give a shit at all. that's why i want to get a gun asap

him:?????? why do you want a gun?

me: need to make sure i don't die and i need to be trained to use it. i told you i don't give a shit. i have no problems pulling the fucking trigger. i told you man i don't give a shit. i need to watch out for myself and if that means killing someone else then that's how it's gonna be. i do not give a shit man

him: i dont really remember what he said i think it was just stunned silence as i talked about how i would rape some random kid in the cafeteria because this kid just came up to our table to talk to this girl (he said he got raped on the exam)

me: i elaborated into how this kid doesn't know the meaning of the word rape and he doesn't know who i am or even hear this conversation going on and i'm gonna make this kid know the meaning of the word rape

the kid who i fuck with all the time lives next door to me i think he is really legitimately scared of me now. most fucked up thing i've said to someone recently. also whenever i would put a blade to his throat i would emphasize how easy it was and i was putting in no effort and i could kill him without trying

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Went out to eat with a group of friends and this chick sitting with us gets a salad and that's it. so I offered her some of my food she replied "no thanks" and then I said "really? Because you look hungry" I look around our table and everyones silently staring at me. I was only trying to be nice it just cameout wrong.

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not particularly the worst thing i've ever said to someone, but when i was quite young and round my dad's, playing with cousins and stuff - there was a young woman and her mother there.

the young lady kept looking at me or i'd catch her eye, so eventually i just said - 'what?' and she kind of flinched and looked everywhere else but me.

shortly afterwards I realised everyone treating her quite nicely, and it appeared she was very shy, not sure exactly why but I felt absolutely terrible. obviously i started to overcompensate and was extremely polite and overeager to help her any way I could.

i felt so bad after that weekend, i kept telling my (bemused) mum what i did repeatedly.

:( what a dick

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I went to a very conservative elementary school, and in hindsight, this was made even more apparent by the fact that I knew about the prim and proper attitude while in school. I don't remember how old I was in the 3rd grade; I was a nice kid, quiet and easy-going. Everyone was all kinds of awkward but it wasn't about bullying yet. Sure there were calm kids and slightly excitable kids. But overall class and recess were smooth with nothing worth noting, just well behaved, nice kids. No one really stood out. I didn't raise my hand to answer the teacher, I was unremarkable.

one day this girl named Sherri, brought a Halloween costume to class. now sherri is the kind of person you look at, and despite your best efforts, you form a snap judgement about. And it's a negative one. I didn't especially care for her, the way she talked, or the way she acted. she wasn't like the other kids.

recess hit and I was at the door waiting for a friend to come, as he sat in the back of the class. Sherri put the mask on and ran in front of me, so where she was right in front of my face. I smiled, and she jumped and went "ooga booga" with her head moving from side to side. For two seconds she did this.

Then I punched her in the face.

Looking back these years, I am certain I really did not know why. Really. She was not crazy or annoying, just a little loud. A reaction you might call it. I had no choice. I smacked the dumb bitch.

She started crying. I almost felt puzzled, as I had no idea why she was crying. Of course I knew, but it seemed I had disconnected myself from the action. I comforted her, and as the teacher and principle and counselors descended on me, I was really helpful in facilitating an appropriate punishment for me. I had to write a letter to her parents and her, as well as the other kids.

So I wrote that I was sorry and I felt really bad about my actions and how I should think more about consequences. The letter wrote itself practically. I got up in front of the class and read the letter. I was 7 years old and said I was sorry for hitting her.

one of the most fucked up things I've ever said (to the class and sherri) was that i was sorry. Because the simple truth is I wasn't. and I'm sure a lot of kids and teachers felt that sherri got she deserved.

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yo i hate to say it, but I feel you totally.

I guess some of the more fucked up shit I've ever said to anyone was to this chick named Patricia in like, 6th grade or something.

Patricia was fat. She had what you'd call a "pig nose", and "bad skin", and "a terrible haircut". She also did this really annoying pose in photos where she would put her hands between her legs and smile real huge and push her shoulders forward so she looked like she was just brimming with joy. It was clearly irritating, as I'm pretty far from grade 6 and I still remember that shit.

So Pig Nose (aka Patty Mayonnaise, aka Fatty) clearly had it pretty rough at her old elementary school. She transferred to my school in the aforementioned grade 6., and as soon as she sat down beside me she launched into just how hard she'd had it. About how everyone had made fun of her, about how she had no friends, etc. etc. I felt bad for Pig Nose, so I immediately befriended her. It was quite clear she was developing a little grade school crush on me, but I still wanted to make her feel better about her new surroundings. I introduced her to my friends, hung out with her at recess, shared snacks. Standard grade school niceties.

As our relationship progressed, she really started to take for granted how nice I was to her. She'd complain about something, and when I'd try and comfort or console her about it, she'd berate me for being insincere. If I remained silent, she'd complain that I wasn't making her feel better. If I told her that maybe there was something she could do to change the things that were affecting her negatively (I probably didn't use these words in grade 6), she would chide me for being cruel.

I was reaching my breaking point.

Then one day, he came in and sat down at her desk beside me with her trademark "humph!", and big, mopey, "woe is me" frown. I didn't prompt her for an explanation, but she launched into it anyway.

"I just walked by Rizzo and he was whispering to Mike and looking at me. I think they were talking about how fat I am," she said.

Did I sit silently? No. Did I politely suggest that they were talking about something else? No. Did I say, "maybe that's because you're fucking fat."

she looked at me like she wasn't sure what i'd said at first, but then it hit her and she started to well up. "wh....what?"

"you're fat. you're fucking fat patty, deal with it or shut up. if you're sick of people making fun of you about it do something about it. and even if you don't do something about that, stop fucking complaining all the fucking time. you never, ever stop whining and everyone fucking hates you because of it. *i* fucking hate you because of it. shut the fuck up and hit a gym!!!!!"

as you can imagine patty's response was not one of appreciation for my honesty. She immediately burst into tears and ran out of the classroom, and she didn't come back for the rest of the day.

our relationship was never the same.

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^ but did she lose the weight?

I told my ex "she's a dirty lil whore"

thats just an intro to break up sex :P


when i was in like 4th grade a substitute music teacher was pointing to instruments and asking what they were. he asked me one and i responded "oboe" he asked how i knew and i said "cause im not stupid like you" (rly no reason for me to say this) he started screaming at me and i ran to the door, went to the principals office n got in trouble for it.

when i left my ex-husband i sort of ran away cause he was an abusive psycho fuck and when he called to see when he would pick me up from my parents' house: "never. so i can be abused by a pussy ass bitch who shoots blanks and cant fuck right anyway?" never spoke to him again but he proceeded to *67 call me at night when i was high and i would laugh at him.

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If anyone were to ever do this to me, I would fucking hurt them. What is wrong with you?

i will elaborate

we're in my room. i just got back im real stoned. my roommate is playing skyrim. this kid is repetitively opening up the fridge door and slamming it over and over again. i tell him multiple times to stop fucking with door and just chill out and stop slamming shit. my roommate also adds a "stop fucking around". this kid says ok. does it again. i ask him why he feels the need to keep doing this shit. he says "idk because its there?" (for reference he is sitting in a chair by my rm's desk and i am in front of my desk in my chair we are about 3feet away from each other, prob less) i tell him that is not a good reason to do something. he responds with a hurrr or something, i pull out a pair of scissors from my desk and point them at his throat. i tell him that his neck is just there and this is probably less effort than opening and closing the freezer door and that if i used his logic then i might as well cut his fucking throat and at least then he would stop fucking with my property so i would actually be doing something productive. he got the message and stopped fucking with my fridge.

earlier he would always kick on the wall and it would be loud as fuck. i would complain to him multiple times to stop and he would always be like "lol ok its not that loud" (it was loud as fuck). so the next time he did it i went over and gave him a 2handed chop inbetween the shoulder blades. he continued to do it. so i went to his room and started choking him. now he doesn't do it at all.

and on the rape thing

so we are in the cafeteria. last day of the semester. it is me. my roommate. kid who lives next door. roommates exgf from ms/hs. we are conversing. some kid comes up and has the generic convo as follows with the girl

hey howd you do on that exam?

uh i think i did ok

man i got raped

oh ok

and then other shit i was not listening to because i was having this conversation with kid who lives next door

i dont think he knows what rape means

-???? why do you say that

well he says that exam raped him and i doubt that it actually raped him, he should just say he did poorly on it or got a low mark or something, not rape. that weakens the word rape and is also misusing the english language

-o ya i suppose you're right

well what about all the rape victims? him using rape in this context really delegitimatizes their use of the word and it is a word that should have power because rape is an extremely traumatic experience.

-ya that is true

ill make him know the actual meaning of rape that way in the future he doesnt misuse the word because he will fully understand what rape means

-???? what are you saying??? he doesnt even know you

thats good, i dont want him to know me i dont want him to expect anything, see we're a few feet away and he doesnt hear any of this he has no idea of what we're talking about. rape isnt something you can be prepared for


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