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vacation advice superthread


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Hey guys, A few friends and I are planning a trip to Savannah, GA in late August. We plan to stay no longer than a weekend, but we'd want to get the most out of this little town. Anything from restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, vintage/thrift stores, etc. will help. Thank you.

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I have a semester off (September 1st- Late November) so I'm looking to live in a major city in Europe. 


I'm thinking either Paris - because, Paris - or Barcelona because I speak Spanish and therefore would get more into the culture, as I speak no French.

Between the two which would be better? I'm into fashion, shopping, restaurants, etc., but not so much into clubbing or much wild nightlife.

Or even any suggestions of where better to live? thanks

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I went for a week last month, and it's a great city to go for a week. Don't bother bringing a jacket, it will be way too warm even at night for that.


For art museums, the Colecao Berardo is quite good. The Museo Nacional do Traje is incredible if you are at all into clothing/costume, and it has a beautiful botanical garden as well. It's location is a bit inconvenient, the easiest way to visit it is on your last day if you have an afternoon flight back home just stop there on the way to the airport. My girlfriend loved the aquarium, it's definitely a nice one as far as aquariums go but still just an aquarium.


The Ancient Art museum and MUDE were both quite disappointing to me. I didn't get a chance to see the Gulbenkian or the Tile Museum, but heard great things about both and they're definitely on my list for next time.


In terms of markets just find your local one. I was staying on Calcado Boa Hora, so I went to the one on Tv Boa Hora a Ajuda. Hopefully you're staying at an AirBnB or some other place with a kitchen... I got a crab, a bunch of clams, seabass, and sardines, along with some vegetables, more than enough for two people, all for like 15 Euros after shopping around a bit.


Avoid Pasteis do Belem! You can get equally good stuff at loads of other places. If you do insist on going, try getting a table inside. You'll be in and out faster than the people who are standing in line at the takeout window. But really, get your egg tarts anywhere else.


The TimeOut market thing is mostly just an overpriced expat hangout. One of the stands had a really great plate of raw tuna on toast, but most of the stuff there is expensive compared to just going to a nice restaurant. 


One thing to keep in mind is how cheap everything is, a $$$ rating on Yelp means like 60 Euros for two people including a bottle of wine. I just went to random seafood restaurants with good ratings on TripAdvisor and all of them were good.


The most memorable restaurant I visited was a place called Espaco Acores, they do traditional Azorean food. On Thursdays (I think?) they do this kind of semi tasting menu for local families type of thing, 6 courses or something, way more than I could eat, but everything was incredible. Weird atmosphere with TVs showing news or sports and most of the other tables being occupied by large families with kids, but absolutely recommended.


One night if the weather is nice just buy a bottle of red wine from a grocery (anything above €3 is great), and spend the evening on the pier near Cais do Sodre. If all the shops are already closed, you can get a slightly overpriced bottle from the TimeOut market and just bring it there.


Another fun thing to do is to climb the stairs/hill to Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, it's one of the highest points of the city and an unbelievable view. Unfortunately nobody is selling food or drinks once you get up there.


If you take the train to the beach, get off a few stops before the big name beaches. I can't remember which one I went to, but it was like 10-15 minutes before the biggest ones, equally nice, much less crowded, and cheaper chair/umbrella rental. It's a good idea to bring some food (stuff from a local bakery) and drinks yourself, but even if you don't, the stuff on the beach isn't nearly as low quality and overpriced as in many other places.

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Oh also for a fairly quick lunch, there are a lot of shabby looking places especially in the old city where you can get a fish, some kind of side dish, and a drink for around 10-15 Euros, they usually have the fish laying in a display window so you can see what you're getting. Can't remember specific places, but they're everywhere. I ate at a few different ones, none were life changing but all were good. Service is usually quite fast at these places because they cater to people who are going out for a quick lunch from work.

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