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  1. N7MBRS

    Describe your style

    entitled minimalist
  2. N7MBRS

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    nah i came on here to buy/sell shit fams, had no clue you old ass internet fellows would attack me LOL
  3. N7MBRS

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    what does that even mean anyway? lmao
  4. N7MBRS

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    bruh shut up, all of yall are wack internet fellows
  5. N7MBRS

    exposin thread. pms u wanna make public

    yall 30 year old fashion bloggers gotta go fams. lmao
  6. N7MBRS

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    LOL yall are so fucking wack on here
  7. N7MBRS

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    its cool i found out they dont mean shit, have at it my g
  8. N7MBRS

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    ghetty green was a better album
  9. N7MBRS

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    you got it fam, keep ya rep points, stay king in the internet world. ill stick to only selling shit on here, good looks chasedizzy i aint know these nerdy niggas lurk on here like that. peace
  10. N7MBRS

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    wtf is a uniqlo
  11. N7MBRS

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  12. N7MBRS

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  13. N7MBRS

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    im in nyc next weekend, lets link $500 says you wont say shit after you see me
  14. N7MBRS

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    ill put $500 up you wont say shit to my face
  15. N7MBRS

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    you a bitch and ima steal you when i see you. you can keep ya rep points g