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  1. Fellas, It's been a good wee while since I have posted around these parts. Largely due to family explosion. My oldest is just about to grow out of his WeSC Buddy selvedge (the youngest is still wearing a pair handed down from her brother - they have been great). I have been looking a round for some selvedge for a 5/6 year old, but nothing is jumping out. Any tips? Cheers
  2. Cue

    Ande Whall Denim

    Hope you are OK bro - looks pretty crazy down there again
  3. Cue

    Dqm Nyc Ss10

    Online sizing looks a little off - anyone tried on a shirt? It says XL is 21" Pit to Pit - hmmm http://www.dqmnewyork.com/shop/customer-service/#answer7
  4. Cue

    england :: london :: general

    depends what you are into, and what you have seen in London before, if anything. If you haven't seen much of anything, then jump on one of the open top bus tours (maybe a bit cold) and see most of the main sites (well, at least drive past them) in a couple of hours. The second hand bookshops off Charing Cross Road are interesting for a poke around ...
  5. Cue

    england :: london :: general

    Two things not to miss in London: - Go and have a look at the Tower of London - then wander up the road to Brick Lane and have ten pints and a curry
  6. Cue

    edc [everyday carry] shaved my wife

    SuFu continues to help me spend money. I hadn't visited SuFu for ages, but start reading this thread this afternoon, read all 150 pages and dropped $200 along the way. Happy days.
  7. Cue

    London Fall 2009

    Earl's Court is underrated IMO Loads of good food places Decent burgers http://www.allinlondon.co.uk/restaurants/restaurant-11576.php Opposite the tube there are some alleyways with a couple of decent and cheapish Chinese places Big Tesco near the West Ken overbridge too if ya wanna be mad cheap
  8. hands up was too confused to post
  9. Cue

    vacation advice superthread

    eurostar to london from paris thailand over taipei ...
  10. Cue

    japan :: tokyo :: general

    Legato's maitre d was a damn decent chap ... have his card somewhere, North African/ French fella that was a brilliant host, extremely knowledgable about wine and a good laugh too ...
  11. Cue

    Video Games

    I had an early peek at gears 2 and fable 2 - amazing ... gears esp ...
  12. Cue

    japan :: tokyo :: general

    Legato is pretty good - prices are reasonable I thought - decent wine list... 20,000 for dinner for two with a fair amount of booze ...
  13. Cue

    Auckland Shops

    I'm pretty sure you still need to get tickets to each individual show - at least for the big names ... worth dropping them a line to see World is back - not my cuppa tea - but show will be amazing I bet ...
  14. Cue

    Auckland Shops

    what sort of stuff are you after?
  15. Cue

    japan :: tokyo :: general

    hip hop is all good. also indie + min tech sorta stuff.