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Burgus Plus world tour

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chunky ass man.

went home after that to grab some sleep before heading out for a good dinner.

went to the french restaurant that we didnt manage to get into last night because we didnt make a dinner reservation. i finally understood why we needed reservations, one being that the place was pretty small and secondly it was a 3 hour dinner which i totally didnt expect. since they open at 6pm and we ended dinner at 10pm since we made a reservation at 7pm, we were pretty much the only customers that they served at the same table for the night. the food was fantastic though. for those of you who are wondering, this is situated at Glebe and the restaurant is called Atelier. fabulous service staff and amazing food.

was supposed to shoot with an external flash but i forgot to check the batteries which were dead, so i had to use the built in flash instead. resulted in pictures with the shadow of the lens on the bottom right in all the photos. hope you guys dont mind. so here are the pictures.


sourdough bread that we ordered which was great.


came with french butter. my dinner companions said that it tastes better than regular butter but i couldnt tell the difference.


this was the pre-starter which was complementary. something like a fishcake with avocado salsa and some sauce i cant remember. pretty savoury.


for my starter i ordered the alaskan king crab with cod roe which was really amazing. the roe just popped in your mouth when you bit into it.


for my main i got the duck which was really tender. by far my favourite dish of the night. it came with very thin slices of pineapples which were surprisingly juicy given their size. served with bitter orange sauce as well as potatoes, this was really good. it was all bite sized small cubes but ended up being really filling.


pre-desert which was some mashed grapefruit flavoured thing served with poprocks and custard. the combination of flavours for the bittersweet grapefruit and custard was great and the poprocks just injected a little surprise into it.


finally for the finale i chose the creme brulee which was simply fantastic, served with vanilla ice cream as well as strawberries. the creme brulee was really good and done to perfection. it really amazed me how people could come up with dishes like that.

so all in all it was a good day, though i was a little disappointed with the crowd at the warehouse sale, but whatever, dinner made up for things! have a good night everyone and stay safe.

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so today is day 3 of the tour and man this is tough. has got to be some boring stuff you guys be reading but bear with this for the while.


so today these tour jeans took a ride with me on the local bus.


its early in the morning and what else can you do besides heading out to have breakfast. was feeling for chinese food today and hence decided to go for dim sum. place was at "east ocean restaurant" which was located in the city area but to be honest the food wasnt fantastic. overpriced i would say. but anyway this was what we had.


started off with porridge with dough fritters as well as egg. one of the most typical kinds of chinese breakfast.


had the rice rolls or what we call "cheong fun" where im from. they are sometimes served just with the sweet sauce but today we had the ones stuffed with BBQ pork. they can be also found stuffed with prawns.


lady with the pushcart came around with this and this was the gf's favourite. jellyfish. i kind of like those served at traditional chinese weddings more because they are sweeter but these are not too bad.


shrimp dumplings. these were probably the best thing this place served because each one came with 2 prawns/shrimps. i love these. really huge.


came here with the intention to have roast duck. these werent too bad just that they were too expensive to have these for $15 i thought we could have had better just around the corner but whats done was done.


finally had the BBQ pork buns as well. these were a little disappointing because the pork wasnt sweet enough and the buns were too thick. verdict: do not visit this chinese restaurant since there are better ones around.


after that, the gf and i went to the south korean embassy since she wanted to get her visa done for her trip in a couple of months. had to leave disappointed because she lacked a few documents.


inside the embassy. i like how they have 2 clocks with one showing local sydney time and local korean time. somehow makes you think about how someone on another side of the world could be sleeping right at that time. i like how it was fuss-free because back home (singapore), to go into an embassy, there were lots of procedures to follow. bag checks followed by the surrender of cameras or camera enabled phones, documentation, pass exchange and all the administrative stuff. but here it was really like just another place where i didnt get to get all those done.

after we were done at the embassy, we went down to The Galeries Victoria where we were yesterday to check out a warehouse sale. decided to queue today and we got in after half an hour. didnt find anything my size or anything that caught my eye but the gf scored a surface 2 air pants for cheap so trip wasnt a waste.

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here we have the building opposite from where i was. its called "Queen Victoria Building". not the best picture but this building is very rhustic and i think it has a really great view from outside. inside they had all the commercial stores but from the outside it always looks lovely. it was originally built as a monument to the long reigning monarch and construction took place in dire times, as Sydney was in a severe recession.the elaborate Romanesque architecture was specially planned for the grand building so the Government could employ many out-of-work craftsmen - stonemasons, plasterers, and stained window artists - in a worthwhile project. originally, a concert hall, coffee shops, offices, showrooms, warehouses and a wide variety of tradespeople, such as tailors, mercers, hairdressers and florists, were accommodated. lovely old building and one of the reasons why the city still appeals to me even though it is pretty much dirty and overpopulated. i have a soft spot for buldings like these.


another building nearby which name eludes me but it is another spectacular picture of grandoise.

walked around the city for a little bit before heading home for a little bit of rest and sufu surfing before heading out for dinner.


went to a popular korean BBQ place called madang and had to queue for about 40mins to get in.


appetisers. ate quite a lot of it before remembering to take pictures. they had kimchi, vegetables, potato salad, potato cubes and this other unidentifiable thing but tasted good.


ordered the spiciest dish on the menu which was made of chicken, pineapples, and rice cake topped up with cheese. fucking spicy and great meal which was amazing. this dish called Oul Dak is apparently pretty hard to find in sydney and i thoroughly enjoyed it. had this hot pot soup as well but didnt get pics since i was too busy eating.


finally after the meal we were feeling so bloated we walked home but not before passing through chinatown (which was truthfully just a street). they have all these bazaars and all going on at night but they didnt have much on offer, just throngs upon throngs of asians. they're all now celebrities since i've taken their picture.

not the most interesting of days but thats what these burgus plus jeans did today. good day and good night!

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They may seem boring to you having actually lived it but I'm enjoying the updates greatly! Thanks as always for keeping it going!

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They may seem boring to you having actually lived it but I'm enjoying the updates greatly! Thanks as always for keeping it going!

very encouraging words and very kind of you! definitely keeps me motivated to keep posting. thanks to everyone for including me in a leg of this tour!

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greatly enjoying my leg of the tour right now with the updates and i shall keep them rolling while i still have stuff to document in sydney. cant wait to pass them on to lendo though.

so today was a pretty eventful day. did some stuff instead of just eating..


this is the area that im living in right now. in chippendale in sydney. a pretty nice place, situated close to the city and close to glebe and newtown, its a convenient place with lots of eateries and a pretty good mall with supermarkets and movie theatre around.


headed out today with not much intention to do much but of course we had to have lunch first. had vietnamese beef noodles with steamed spring rolls again today as i did last week but this place is good, albeit dirty. thoroughly enjoyed it. place is called "pasteur" just in case you guys were wondering, situated right in the heart of the city.


after lunch we headed out to the nearby chinatown, where i was at last night as well. but this place is pretty different in the day. lots of chinese food to eat.


queued up for the custard puffs here. the queue here is always mad long and being true to singaporean blood, we always feel that wherever there is a queue, there must be good food. hence we joined in.


had some little friends in front of me who got into a scuffle being impatient. these little people starting kicking and shoving and pushing one another. need to be have their ears boxed!


so this is the machine spewing out piping hot custard puffs one after another, manned by a chinese elf. its just like santa's little helpers, being enslaved to a hot room with splattering oil but resigned to serving customer after customer. sad.


not so sad for me as i enjoyed these little bastards, hot as fuck with custard threatening to spew into my eyes.


after that we headed out to pick up a phone the gf sent for repairs weeks ago. got bored and got a picture of the denim.


went to "the rocks", a pretty touristy area, with mega shops like LV, Gucci and your regular shit but they also had some nice little cafes and pubs. didnt go in to try the cakes but they looked pretty amazing, maybe i will go to one day but was feeling a little too full today.


next to this cafe, was a cool little bookstore. had these books like "donts for husbands", maybe i should buy one for our married friends on superdenim. heh.

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maybe then they would learn how to be happy.


they had this obama dress up book as well. its funny how people come up with things like this. i would never see something like this in my own country where we could dress up our political figures. the secret police would whip our arses and throw us in jail for that.


quaint bookshop in question had some cool posters around as well.


headed over to the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) situated opposite for a tour around. this is a lovely lovely place with lots of australian artists. there was an exhibition going on called primavera which featured young contemporary artists. you had all these really beautiful works of art that you wished you could buy. ink on wood, clay pieces, mixed media, installation art, even things like plant art (??) which i dont really get. but mabbe some green fingers might be able to appreciate them. amazing place everyone should check out but the shitty thing is that no photography was allowed.


nonetheless i risked my life to bring you these pictures with my ninja skills. you wouldn't believe that this entire piece was made out of clay. fucking cool.


gallery downstairs which had a lot of really nice pieces by australian artists. the big long brownish piece you see there is made of wood and was all done using a ballpoint pen. fuckass insane stuff.


huge ass plastic bag installation which left me in awe.


walking through it almost made me feel like i was one of those passing through when moses parted the red sea. this installation came up to almost 2.5 meters high, so you can really imagine how impressive it was.


some rusted pieces of metal pieced together to highlight environmental changes. of course there were a lot of really great piece but a pity i couldnt get pictures for everyone.

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pamphlet which had some really good photography inside.


went to the museum shop of course and since this is superdenim, of course there has got to be something related to denim. great magazine with good photography. saw an article/advert about tender denim but didnt have time to browse through much of it since the museum was about to close soon but they had some amazing pictures inside as well.

left the museum in the late afternoon when it closed, then headed out to catch a movie before embarking on dinner at a korean BBQ buffet restaurant called shinara which is really quite popular since the queue was so fucking long after we went in. luckily we went in early


raw meat waiting to be cooked and eaten. they served cow tongue, which was really awesome for me.


cooking is a waiting game.


they had pre-cooked food as well which wasn't too shabby either.



ending the post with a fit pics. just in case you didnt see it in the WAYWT (denim version) thread.

french deadstock military F-2 jacket

gap chambray

black satchel

burgus plus lot 770 tour denim

clarks black leather desert boots

still thinking about whether i should keep the F-2 or whether it is too snug for me.

goodnight and hope you guys enjoy the updates! sorry for the crazy long post!

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That obama book is awesome!! haha thats my main man from chicago! ohh, and those cream puffs looked incredible.. I wish I had pictures from the wisconsin state fair, to show you the best example of american cream puffs.

Great updates ran! Def not boring at all. Free rep if you can get a picture with an aboriginal haha!

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are those black leather dessie boots? if so they are a must have for the kid

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very nice update - suddenly starving to death...I wonder why ...

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very nice Ranon, keep it coming!

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medine, no promises but i'll try to find a non aggressive aborigin around for a photo op man, there are some that look angry as fuck all the time and they might just beat the fuck outta me. thanks for the rep!

salaami, yes those are clarks black leather dbs. scored them off the supermarket for 40USD but the soles are beat up as hell, need to get them resoled. i love these shoes!

thanks beatle and slab for the nice comments, hope i can keep this shit rolling!

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missed a day of update so im back here again today as always. yesterday was one of those stay home days and i was lazy as hell. didnt even want to get my fat ass out to buy some food and we had no ingredients at home so we ended up ordering pizza and watching videos. damn pretty chill.


ordered some dominos pizza.


got the half n half, dominos in australia is pretty different from the one we have in singapore in terms of flavours and taste. i like it better here.


had some chicken tenders as well.


chocolate lava fudge. i love how the thick gluey chocolate oozed out when you dug into the middle of it. kind of reminded me of how a kid in junior masterchef made something impressive as this in his 11 year old category. sidetracking but yeah, the kid was good.


baked some chips as well. more like wedges actually since they were thick as hell (obviously lying when i said there was no more food. actually we had some microwaveable food but lazy habits die hard).

this was basically yesterday, food, videos, nap, repeat routine till daybreak. yes thats how the tour jeans rolled.


today we decided to head out to run some errands. went out to the post office to collect a package that my gf missed. made a trip to the local post office (same place that i collected these tour jeans) at strawberry hills. funny place name. it sounds gay but no hate.


errand running done and of course it was almost time for lunch. it is a stipulation that on every burgus world tour, we have to go have burgers and thats mandatory, so we went to newtown to grab burgers. read a couple of reviews online and the place seemed great so why not! MOO GOURMET BURGERS it was called.


nice waitress who served us. seemed cool as fuck and did her job well.


nice big cow on the wall that greeted us as we entered the place. i like how this seems like a cheery place, a little gimmicky yes but that was fine by all means.


on the menu they had all kinds of burgers. they had the classic burger, duck and bacon burger (what the gf had), the deluxe moo (2 wagyu patties with lots of vegetables and cheese and eggs, this one is crazy thick, think 2.5 big macs stacked up together. wasnt too adventurous with crazy eating so held back on this one) and lots of other burgers. seemed to have a pretty interesting milkshake list too. they had a malteser shake and a lot of other crazy shakes.

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but me, i opted for a mixed berry smoothie. this one was really good, not too sour and i think they added wheatgerm, so the texture was pretty amazing.


this was the duck and bacon burger the gf had. if you're a fan of duck, you should really try this as i thought it was really unique with the duck grinded together with the beef and made into a patty. you can taste the duck in each bite and the patty had a smoky flavour. real nice.


i had the BIG MOO which was made of angus beef, egg, cheese, pineapples, beetroot, vegetables and tomatoes. it was by far one of the best burgers i ever had (not that i've had too many)


not the neatest of burger eaters, i never ever know how to eat burgers this thick, so what i do usually is to eat them part by part. kinda stupid come to think of it. hahaha. how do you guys eat your burgers? ok wait, now look at the tensile strength of that egg yolk and how it refuses to break apart. now thats a fucking egg!


yes, i am a messy eater.


we ordered chips of course. who the hell eats burgers without chips? the sweet chili they came with was really good.

and well that was lunch.

after that, we headed around the area and went to a few shops. thrift stores, book stores, etc. newtown which is presumably an area with very rich culture, with its gay and lesbian pubs as well as graffiti filled streets was told to me that it was a hippie area with the area becoming a shadier area at night but it seemed alright to me. during the day, it is pretty bustling and the feel of the place is great.


so here we are at one of the local record stores. i originally wanted to go to one of the record stores further up where i fondly remembered they had loads of good albums but that was further down and we were out of time and this store caught my eye.


dropped in and they had some good vinyl. one of my favourite bands.


another one of my favourite bands. wanted to drop some money on records but i never got around to learning on how to pick a good record player since the record player scene was not really alive at home, though i would love to pick one up someday and add to it my "collecting" hobbies.. thing about collecting kind of hobbies is you dont know what to do after a while with the collection, so i'll just continue with my CD collecting and maybe one day liquidate all of them and spend the money on records instead. but nonetheless it was nice to hold a few copies of vinyls from my favourite bands.


had a bit more time to burn, so what the heck. went to the local hardware store. you never know what you find at places like these. if there was a cheap deal on a screwdriver set or spanner set or batteries or pliers or knives and shit like that, im sure you guys would pick it up as well. sadly nothing good was on sale for cheap.

so we left the area largely unexplored and headed out for a movie. caught "wall street" and it wasnt shitty kind of bad, but it wasnt fantastic either. seems to be the drill these days. catch lunch, then a movie, then dinner, then home. this is a great life.

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after dinner was to this place called "thai on wok". if you've been following the WAYJDT thread, you would have realised that this was the place i came to on my first night in sydney for dinner. love the food here.


got a thai fried rice


lemongrass chicken


thai-style fishcakes


and of course tom yum seafood. who wouldnt have this at a thai restaurant? food was amazing and cheap as usual and the service was spot on as well. definitely one of my favourite places for thai food in sydney, which by the way i would say is a lovely city which serves so many different kinds of cuisines that are amazing.


and what better way than to end off the night with gelato. got my milk and cookies fix with nutella ice cream fix, from the friendly italian guy who owns this great gelato place not too far from where i live. great friendly guy who offers heaps of gelato to try and the gelato is top grade! love this place.


of course a fit pic of them again.

self-screened t shirt (photography by yours truly)

burgus plus lot 770

black clarks leather dbs

canvas tote bag

great day today, hope to put up better updates again tmr. thanks for sitting through this. g'day!

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I swear we have the same lifestyle ranon...and also, BURGERSSSSS!!!! If it's too large, cut it in half and then fork and knife it (although admittedly, not the manliest method of burger consumption)!

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I swear we have the same lifestyle ranon...and also, BURGERSSSSS!!!! If it's too large, cut it in half and then fork and knife it (although admittedly, not the manliest method of burger consumption)!

haha i do like burgers that are thick but still small enough to shove into my mouth though. i truly wonder how peopel take burgers away from this place and how do they eat it at work/outside etc.

beatle, im damned sure more of my money goes to food than denim. haha.

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oh yeah, its me again with today's updates. of course its going to be largely food related since its a burgers world tour. not burgers today though.


so we headed out today to catch a train to eastwood for some chinese food. this photo was really overexposed but i tried to selvedge (lame pun) it. if you're from sydney, maybe you can make out this train station. this is redfern train station. the area around here used to be inhabited by a large number of aborigins and today there is still an area that is inhabited by them. quite a number of years back there was a huge riot over here and because of that, it is still quite a sensitive area.


so we got onto the train without much problems and headed on our journey to eastwood for lunch.


got off the train and was greeted by an amazing sky and great weather. the air around here seems so much fresher. living close to the city has its perks i guess, but the breath of fresh air was well missed.


so this is eastwood. when i got off, there were so many asians living here i didnt feel like i was in australia at all. this area had so many asian shops and i must admit it is a lot larger than chinatown in the city.


got into the restaurant and ordered a small bowl of hot and spicy soup. pairs well with vinegar and pepper!


then got a fried rice special as well. one of my favourite rice dishes!


small awkward evo picture while waiting for the star of the meal to arrive at our table.


can you guess what i was gonna have?


how about another hint? did you get it?


well if you're not too well-versed with chinese food, we ordered peking duck. typically its like a wrap, where you put the dark sauce on the skin and then add spring onions and cucumber, then add a slice of peking duck and wrap it up like a burrito.

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if done right, it should look something like this.

there should be an exact number of servings for duck meat for the exact number of skins, with the exact number of servings for the onion and cucumbers. this dish is usually served in 2 or 3 courses, with the first one being a wrap, then a noodle dish. sometimes it comes with a soup as well for the 3rd course but i've only had the soup once.


today, we decided to cut short the 2 courses and opt for the wrap on the first course and the 2nd course be just the duck meat instead of being with the stir fried noodles. not a lot of meat on the 2nd course and we kind of thought we were shortchanged. but we didnt manage to finish that up, so we brought the remainders home to use it for dinner to whip up a noodle dish with that.


walked around a bit after lunch, exploring the area as we went along. cheap knock off places and lots of supermarkets and provision shops. not too much else though. gf saw these shoes and we wondered who the fuck actually wears them!


then went to the asian supermarket to buy ingredients for dinner. stuff here were so cheap, almost 30-50% cheaper than what we usually pay for at coles (supermarket near our place). they had a lot of asian ingredients that were difficult to find as well.


after shopping, we took the train home as i enjoyed the express service and watched the buildings as we zoomed right along. love this life right now, carefree and not much to worry about.

hope all is well with everyone. till the next update!

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dropped in and they had some good vinyl. one of my favourite bands.

Neon Bible! I'm going to see them tonight. Soooo stoked!

Those burgers look delish. Great job on the tour!

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Neon Bible! I'm going to see them tonight. Soooo stoked!

Those burgers look delish. Great job on the tour!

damn, im jealous! enjoy your show mate, they look like they play a great show judging from reviews and -z-'s pictures!

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ugh that duck....btw, I am a fried rice slut myself! Although my favorite is egg white with dried scallop (I think? you probably know what I'm talking about...brain fart right now)...

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today, we went to the south korean embassy again since the gf needed to get a VISA for her trip there. but unfortunately (for the 2nd time), things didnt work out again and we had to leave empty handed. so, being angry we left the building and went to somewhere nearby along hunter street, called BACCO, since we heard they served pretty good macaroons and pastries.


here they had all the lovely cakes and pastries and pizza all kept behind the glass piece. all waiting to be eaten. they had lemon meringues, strawberry tarts and lots of others which names elude me.


we ordered a strawberry tart, lemon meringue, dark cherry macaroon and custard roll thing. they were really really nice with my favourite being the lemon meringue since it had this tangy taste. really sweet!


of course we ordered a few macaroons as well, passionfruit, dark cherry and pistachio. i loved the pistachio one which was really delicious. although they didnt provide the best service (bad service actually), the food made up for it.


lemon macaroon which wasnt that bad either


after that pre-lunch dessert (????), we went out to haymarket area to have lunch at a japanese noodle bar called menya. used to be one of my favourite places to head to, but i realised there are better japanese places around in sydney. however, they still whip up a really good and mean udon. i ordered the tori karaage udon.


while the gf ordered a really spicy but tasty ramen. the soup they use was salty but so tasty i couldnt resist.


got some corn toppings as well.


and some very nice tako yaki as sides. i love how tasty these are!

so after lunch, we walked around the area and decided to pick up groceries so that we could invite our friend over for dinner. went to the market to get some ingredients, mainly beef steak, onions, mushrooms, eggs, sauces and lots more.


then we proceeded to head home, where we unearthed almost all of our clothes and began a massive packing since we felt that the place was in kind of a mess.

spent the large part of the afternoon packing before embarking on a new tv series that we downloaded. this show called "lie to me" (im sure most of you have already heard of it) focuses on this scientist, using his observations of human microexpressions to help to solve some crime. this show was really really good and we were hooked on it for whatever time we had left!


but then we had to stop watching the show for a bit since we were expecting a friend over for dinner. so, i helped to make dinner.

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baking the buttered corn in the oven.


me mucking around with the camera as the gf prepared the ingredients. some help i was!


so we made the sauce for the steak together with the caramelised onions and mushrooms. yummmm.


thats me washing up along the way as we cooked. notice the cool kmart slippers and how well they go with the burgus plus tour denim :cool:


and then we cooked the steak which was the main part of the meal!


and i mucked around and sat about so i took some pictures of these tour jeans. love how comfy the bedroom slippers are.


and then we were done! lots of cooking in between but didnt take pictures since it would look generic. had a good dinner and after that it was followed by more "lie to me". 3 more days in sydney, wait for more updates!

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loving the food pictures

ah, it seems that embassies and frustration go hand in hand.

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sadly enough i must announce i'm gonna have to drop out of this tour folks...im broke(unemployed) so i don't have the means to get to any uber-cool places or eat any extravagant meals at nice restaurants and things of this nature. plus my wife is about to drop the seed so i'll just be at home changing diapers in my denimes or warehouse(which i have been wearing a lot lately). sorry folks...

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come on Salaami, u know its not about how much $ u spend and expensive places u visit during the tour. It's all about the travels/fading of the denim and the insight into the life of the people wearing it (no matter how extravagant/normal/dull). congrats on the imminent birth of your (latest/first?) seedling!

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yeah i totally agree salaami. the only reason i'm having these pictures is only because i'm on holiday. if i werent, id be having homecooked meals everyday and showing everyone my great life at work everyday, sitting in a store. id love to see some pictures from your side of life, being a daddy and all. they say parenting brings life to an all new level and i surely would love seeing that! the only reason you can give to give up your spot would be if you suddenly gained 5 waist sizes!

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