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    SC work vest white shirt WH 1000XX DSB Sanders
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    Bubo hat / Tender shirt / Duke’s belt / old Sauce Zhan tee / new Tender cords / Frank’s boots
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    Not today, not even yesterday, but I gues I’ve been wearing cuffed jeans since the late 1970,s And some sort of basketball sneakers
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    Trf / Moscot / sweater / Overcomer 055black / Vans
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    FW Cap TFH tee WH 1000XX DSB with modified Levi's arcs Wallabees
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    Picked up a pair of the new cord trousers, really excited Still need to give them a hem, but turning them up a few inches to the inside is doing fine in the meantime Also feat. my favorite Bridge Pocket shirt
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    Stetson Samurai Buzz Red Wing
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    Haven't worn these 20s in a long time... too hot in the UK atm hence trying lighter weight jeans The hem is from TCB factory... I like how the roping has developed (hindsight says a shorter leg length would've been better)
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    Really like the details on these jeans when I saw them on the Clutch website and managed to get them for less than half price ordering them overseas: Orgueil Lot OR-1001. They came one washed but were quite loose so I gave them another hot wash and left them in the sun to dry off (it only took a few hours in todays sun), looking forward to see how they sit once I worn them a bit and they relax, just need the weather cool off….
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    Agreed and it can get expensive very fast! Because you want to try a new way of washing, a new way of wearing, a new size or different denim in every new pair! Never truly satisfied, you start looking for the next pair soon enough. Similar to the saying for cameras: ”the best camera is the one in your hand” is probably true for jeans as well, that the best pair are the ones you’re wearing.
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    Favorite elephant mug has been relegated to semi-permanent vase duty (moved outside, temporarily, for good lighting)
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    Freewheelers x 3 ('22 jacket, '37 jeans, t-shirt) / Hollows / Viberg
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    Moscot / Kirkland Tee / Orslow Painter / Sebago Docksides
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    Fresh out the wash
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    Some highlights from my week in Falmouth, Cornwall, South West England. The harbour, on a not-so bright day Picturesque beaches Getting lost Jeans in the shade A witch’s cradle
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    Picked up 1001xx 1954 DSB the other day. washed twice and already in love with the fit!
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    A few pics from London's East End and local area - some of you know the area very well, notably Maynard and fre-co Morning coffee looking towards the city... Battle of Cable Street Mural - On 4th October 1936, the East End community, mainly Jewish folk with support from the Irish immigrants and local working class community, joined forces to prevent the facist Oswald Mosely's Blackshirts marching through the East End Brick Lane paying homage to arguably the best footballer ever Vintage football shirt shopping... With Junior MJF9 snagging a cracking Brescia top from 2000-2001 season
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    RMC - Denime Tokyo - CT70S
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    Since we’re showing DD 1003xx - here’s my pair, just repaired some. Mostly darning and then re stitching parts of the yoke and left pocket.These have probably had about 7-10 washes now, but I don’t keep track. AFAIK they are the 14.5 oz denim.
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    LVC ‘55s made with Cone denim, 3-4 summers wear, closest to true colour in the last photo.
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    Runabout Goods Brander Freewheelers 1937 Nicks 12” Builder Pros with honey lugz UA 32 plumbing apprentice. We’re piping the Seattle Aquarium expansion. These pipes I’m working on feed water into the shark tanks!
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    Scratched the Denime itch with these Lot 220As, courtesy of the gents at Kafka (thanks Bod for the tip-off) Went for size 36, rather than my usual 34 - based on measurements, potential shrinkage and not wanting a ‘tight fit’. I washed them 3 x in total – 30C with line dry, 40C with line dry and 40C with tumble dryer. Out the bag they were super stiff. Really nice to have that crunchy cardboard hand feel again – my recent purchases have been Freewheelers which I find soften quite quickly. That said, after the last wash and tumble dry they’re now pretty soft. The extra wash and tumble dry clearly done this - though I don't know the extent to which extra wash and tumble dry contributed individually (bit would be interested if anyone has a view). I usually avoid tumble drying as when I have it's softened the denim a lot but I wanted to see if I could get more inseam and waist shrinkage. The answer was only a little I really like them. There is good room in the thighs (I had wondered if this would be an issue – it’s not), plenty in the waist (in reality I could easily have gone with a 34 and been comfortable after some wear) and the rises work well for me. The denim is smooth to the touch, probably helped as I ironed them inside out as they were crinkly after the tumble dry. I’ll probably use them for work. I’m visiting the big smoke next week so plan to get them hemmed at SoaS / Soldier Blue, hopefully while I wait. One reasonably small turn-up will do the trick. A few before and after pics – raw v after a 40C wash and line dry... plus a table of approximate measurements!
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    A long time ago I had a newly divorced guy ask me if his new matching denim jacket and jeans outfit would make women want to have sex with him and I didnt have the heart to tell him that while he may get more attention, the majority of it will be from other men who are into denim.
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    Pre wash pics of the 1954 dsb There a lot bigger than they look , sized up 1 from my usual 30 for a roomier fit
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    My next advertisement for the Yorkshire tourist board... Malham Cove - quite an imposing white limestone cliff and the focal point of a short 8km hike about an hour's drive from home Jane's Foss Totally staged photo for Sufu purposes Malham Cove Junior MJF9 getting a bit close to the edge as usual Sadly we missed the Harry Potter partee Indigo dyed tractor, possibly

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