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    A lot of my consumption (most of which stashed away and barely worn) coincided with the need to consume information and especially detail.. fucking rediculous details.. it's not just denim but it has been for the last 20yrs so ive purposely stopped reading the denim threads.. i'm not saying i know it all.. far from it (i'm trying to forget) but i know more than i really want to know about a subject which has never really benefited me in any way, ive enjoyed tracking down the details but it's only served as a garnish to my forum life, nobody else gives a shit. The need to consume details, especially code numbers and dates feels like a mild form of hyperfocus... anyway since i stopped reading the denim threads ive started researching 90's era mountain bike components, which was once a passing interest but now i'm comparing minute differences and dates of manufacture between XTR front derailleurs, M950 compared to M952, top pull compared to bottom pull, top swing compared to down swing... ahh! what the fuck is wrong with me why do i obsess? ive just replaced one need to consume very specific denim related details with the need to consume very specific bike related details.. why doesn't my brain work in the same way when i want to learn a language or something beneficial.. To paraphrase Girls Aloud.. "I can't speak French.. but i could tell you every product code of every single pair of Sugarcane jeans made between 1991 and 1998, Oh oh oh"
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    I guess I'm not in it as deep as some of y'all but I maybe have a (slightly) different take on it. Being that arts is my profession I really enjoy the creativity that goes into something so limited by nature as the blue jean. I guess it's like seeing innovations in fonts or something - the letters are fixed so what you do with how they look is what makes it interesting. So when I'm fighting buying a new pair it's usually because there's a little twist to it that makes me enjoy it as a bit of craft. I don't know much about Levi's history nor do I care to because what they make now is mostly pretty crappy compared to what they used to make, and many other places do that particular thing better - at least to my mind. But that translates to, instead of me trying to hunt down a great replica or some deadstock piece, I'm quite interested seeing what @rodeo bill or some other small scale designer is upto - from an artistic perspective but also because the small scale designers make more interesting stuff that I like to mess with. The pandemic definitely steered me into more of a rabbit hole as like many my world shrank, but I'd still hike and walk for miles (needing comfortable shoes has largely spared me from the artisan boot world as even a broken in pair doesn't compare to some cheap adidas or vans) and since I've been more or less lone wolf in my work for years the ritual of putting on jeans in the morning goes way back (you really don't want to get in the habit of spending a day in soft pants that is one slippery slope). Then again, my collecting problem is dedicated exclusively to photography books - given how often I've moved putting any other collection on top of that just wouldn't be possible - books are pain enough. But to that end a pretty effective limitation for me has been never to "collect" i.e. nothing in the closet that I don't plan on wearing immediately and theoretically if I don't touch it for 6 months it's gone (not great at abiding by this). Still, it's a push and pull with consumption because I genuinely like spending my hard earned money on the work of another artist and artisans but I don't need what I don't need and wearing out some of this stuff takes a awhile! I've been not terrible this year (two pairs) but the end of the year is putting some pressure on as I see a hole in the wardrobe (as usual). Maybe I wouldn't see that hole if I didn't see the fits that I liked but didn't have, haha. Cherish what you have is good advice though. No one in my life cares about it, at all.
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    ^totally right mate about the thrill of hunting down a pair. Same goes for me, got a few pairs sitting around ds or worn a week or two and am constantly wearing the same 3 pairs. I feel it's that way with most hobbies, be it vinyl collecting/music, cooking, coffee, leather-stuff or sports. It comes in waves and parts of it stick around in the daily routine. For denim it's usually the "daily beaters"/favorite pairs, for coffee it's the daily cup and so on. But sometimes one is overcome by the great desire to get all the music from this one artist, or to try as many fancy coffee-places as possible or go bouldering 3 times a week
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    We are our little support group here, aren't we? The Anonymous Denimheads? Ok...I somehow feel the need to verbalize this although I don't know why. During the last 18-24 months I really went crazy in terms of denim purchases. I indicated this already in the "How many jeans"-thread. Purchased a lot of jeans I thought I need/want , just to end up wearing mostly the jeans I already have or the brands I like. Not to say the brands/jeans I bought are bad but in hindsight I don't really know anymore why I wanted them. One thing was probably the excitement of new stuff arriving and reviving this feeling many of us had years ago when "everything" was new and an adventure. This adventure part is definitely gone when you can buy from the multiple places today, just like shopping at Amazon. Hunting on Yahoo Auction on the other hand is sometimes an adventure. The other thing is also surely connected with my unexpected weight loss in 2020, opening up some new fits for me. Because of this I also sold some older stuff as they were just too big on me. So, to get it off my chest these are models I bought in that time and that I already sold again (money-wise a real stupid move): Iron Heart 777-142, PBJ SLB-019, PBJ XX-019-BB, SdA Fox-001, SugarCane Edo-Ai, Westride 1953XX, Jelado 301XX, Dry Bones 562W, TCB 40s Contest Jeans, FOB Factory F151, SugarCane SC42021 back-up pair, orSlow 105 back up-pair. Jeans I bought as well but still want them to go: UES 400S, Denimbridge DB19/05 Edit: Moral history - cherish what you have
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    mod up top, rocker below m65 parka / tcb / attractions
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    Morning light in the park hmmm after the storm... vintage / LVC / Viberg / alien face
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    I very much don’t mind what’s happening to the patch. It is what it is.
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    That tank like j99 combines some j46, s-j8 and j39 features making itself a ‘bigger and badder’ trench coat in the family again, the design was not for me though. Finally the jacket number would run to 100, will wait and see.
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    Pretty basic look today but an accurate reflection of my WFH lifestyle recently. These Warehouse 1001’s have become my go-to pair.
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    thnx! they are an easy wearing piece... lots of nice shaping to the pattern beyond the craziness of the bib pocket [nice angle on the hip pockets, wide legs, but not too wide, minimal tool pockets on side seam, double not triple stitched side seam ] ... nice fabric too; almost identical to two orslow items I have... some detail pix... and comparison w/orslow army jumper... [orslow - which has had more wear and washes - on the left, tcb on the right]
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    Never fallen in love with a piece any faster!
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    Got the bike back from the shop, went camping, bringing the bike back to the shop Schott x EG Double Rider P24A-S DAFs
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    hope everyone had a good weekend. have a nice day! kap apron for the dog stuff. railcar, rgt, kapital, oni, viberg
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    The time had arrived for another repair. Should have jumped on this one sooner but it seems to have worked out OK. I tried to follow the direction of the weave but it's hard to control the back-stitch function. I now understand why there are specific machines for this task. I also reenforced the earlier repair.
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    yes! [again] yes! leather jackets time it is! [I know its not the right thread, but as we are having this conversation here...] for me right now currently very interested in / obsessing over 2 tone / 2 fabric variations... these two from aero and this looney tune from whitesville... [there is also an amazing casino one out there too]
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    Dedicate to @bartlebyyphonics filson schott tcbww2contest
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    filson Runabout goods fw 1943 nicks boots
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    Better sell me those FW specials then, as l dont think 23 inch turn ups will work for you
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    Seen these - quick link drop... not checked them out yet Plus screenshot (as IG wouldn't embed like it used to) https://www.instagram.com/p/COhtLvvjKhA/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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    Jesus christ there was no chill on the P24's, and here I was certain they'd be SS22. Thankfully L was the last size left so at last I'm getting these, and I expect the resale value will be rather pleasant in case I change my mind. But the price hurts and makes me reconsider keeping the P10-E's...