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    WTS P10A-E, medium, black 9.5/10 (worn but no perceptible wear), bag & sheet included, net $1200 J61-GT, medium, 9.5/10 (worn but no perceptible wear), bag & sheet included, net $1600 Both for net $2400, for $3700 I’ll include a J36-S, medium, black same condition as above with spec sheet and bag and 3a-2 most recent iteration with spec sheet and bag. CONUS shipping included.
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    LHT Contest, had my camera out and took a few more
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    seriously ACR should bring back the S-J6TS at some point.
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    All these talks of a TCB contest pair got me elevated & anticipating. Got huge amount of time on hand, due to the lockdown, so I thought I’d revisit past denim contests that I had an a epic pleasure of being a part of. Warning!!! I’m not a huge denim shredder like some fade artists here, so it’s more of a a soft p0rn than hXc Contest jeans still fit & get rotated during S/S ... *except, the FCs, w/c are W32. • Jin s0110xj : HWDC 2013-2015 • FC 1108C : BiG x FC x SuFu 2009-2011 • Momo G014-MB : HWDC2 2017-2019 • Evisu X WH X Yamane: EW-0110 : HWC 2015-2017
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    More Dr.sole works 8′′ White's packer added rubber sole replied heels 17′′ Chippewa 1937 cut down to 10′′ More pics on their IG @dr_sole_originals
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    yellow is the future bronson tee/tcb 50s/excelsior/massive lemon
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    Just got a pair of old mf tee, no idea what collection it come from. The cuffs are different compared to Stanley and Skivvy
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    I think one of my favourite pics of the man. Sorry for the bad quality
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    Rakuten Global Market has now officially got the Thanos treatment. Just an example of what you’ll see
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    These are hitting their sweet spot.
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    Indigo shibori dyeing class hosted by dye for indigo today. Really fun and interesting. Beautiful setting as well on a island in the Gothenburg archipelago.
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    This thread has been wild this past week.
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    My buckle back okinawas also shameless plug I have some cone lot 54 buckle backs that don’t get enough wear. Want them to go to someone who will use
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    GBG001 jeans with Edward Green Dover (London Grain, 606 last).
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    Realized I’ve worn Ooe for 10 years this year and wanted to reminisce on some of my favorites. LHT contest is probably my most memorable (most visible), but the basic OA01XX top left is looking vintage AF. Bottom left is my absolutely thrashed 91 denim contest pair (if I recall correctly), the top block is completely torn as I outgrew them but kept wearing
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    Gave these babies a soak in the river this long weekend. First pair of OOE and they did not disappoint. Fit is amazing!!!!
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    Currently rotating these and some studio dartisans. Hoping they will turn out great with some wear.
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    Morning walk to the shop in my M-46 tux First time I've worn the 46 jeans in a while 'there in need of a few repairs , few broken stitches in the crotch , small hole forming on the whiskers and both cuffs are wearing through the fold but they have held up really well for the 2 plus years of wear they have had
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    Conners fanboy spotted in the wild In other news ... think I'll be joining Duke in the unemployed club , not gonna stop me smiling , couldn't think of a better way to spend my days than with the little man ........ hated the bastards anyway
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    @Maynard Friedman Are you in a hammock?