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    couple weeks wear. I see good potential in these
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    screenprinted apc shirt, Duke belt, canes & new balances… my first time wearing non-canvas sneakers in almost ten years! not sure if i am very comfortable in them yet lol
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    Let the doggo have fun running after a plastic bag. Tender shirt and jeans, Wesco boots and a Sterkowski hat.
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    A special belt - a bit different from the norm - for a special guy. A long way to go with this but here’s a wee snapshot of some progress …
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    Not actually "today," but that's not really the point, is it? Shot by Aaron Barera on a Yashica C Medium Format TLR Camera from the '50s - 120mm 6x6 film. Black Sign Chimala Indigofera Alden
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    Everything is blue. Denime XX works quite well in this weather.
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    Wingman Jacket // Stevenson Overalls // Kapital // Alden
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    Called into The Bureau in Belfast and picked up a new sweat
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    I'm using my J46-FO with a backpack (old Arcteryx Granville with a soft padded straps) and all is ok. No damage. It's fragile against sharp edges. Also there's only one con for me: choke me daddy collar with a hood hidden inside. - FO fabric on the J46 looks and feels better than on the J63-FO (with composited outer membrane and fluffy inner layer).
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    spending the weekend on the oregon woods ship john studio artisan warehouse red wing
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    i have the j46-fo and echoing @NortonCommando961 the fabric is stunning, incredibly breathable and fully waterproof, you do have to baby it and would avoid using backpacks or any straps from baggage that could rub the fabric but for use in urban settings it's fine. goon has a video on the j63a-fo going over in some detail, it's a little long but interesting.
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    I have both items. The Gore-Tex material used on these garments in very very soft and flexible, however it is easy to damage. In these garments, the Gore-Tex is on the outside of the shell wheres in most other Gore-tex products the waterproofing is on the inside protected by an outer nylon shell. I was walking my dog some time ago, and he jumped up on my playfully and his nails damaged the J46 coat on the left lower side. If I had been wearing a Gore-Tex Pro or Gore-Tex 2L coat no damage would have occurred. Having said that; if you are careful with this material; it provides excellent water-proofing and breathability and it is very pleasing to the touch and pleasing in appearance.
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    Freewheelers Lot 506XX / Resolute 710
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    Freewheelers / Bronson / At Last / Pras
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    Denime - Merz - Resolute - Chucks
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    Spy shots at the Las Vegas airport Destroyed leather jacket LVC Tee Vintage trousers Gucci loafer
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    warehouse jacket real mccoys sweatshirt sugar cane jeans
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    I nearly bought this too to add into the mix.. remember..i've got that big box of cassettes AIWA-AD-1300-Desktop-Tape-Deck-with-Lid-HiFi-Vintage Thnkfully someone else bought it before stupidity took hold of my PayPal'ing finger... i'd still like it tho
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    I’d noticed BUAISOU over some time and finally decided to splash out on one of their t-shirts in dark indigo… and a very nice, solid thing it is too with a depth to it. They also have indigo and light indigo versions... interested to see how this develops… Thought they had been discussed here before but couldn’t find anything so here’s the blurb… “To “thrive in the hometown of indigo dye,” BUAISOU was established in Kamiita-cho, Tokushima Prefecture in 2015. All processes, which were traditionally divided into separate specializations, are carried out within BUAISOU; from cultivating the raw indigo, fermenting the indigo leaves (Sukumo), dyeing, designing, all the way to production. We also make efforts in introducing the charm of natural indigo through offering workshops and other various activities. Indigo dyeing is characterized by deep beautiful color and fastness. This is achieved using only indigo leaves, lye, bran, and shell lime. In 2018, we were able to realize our original dream of making hand-dyed indigo jeans. BUAISOU’s future goal is to grow our own cotton and weave it by ourselves.”
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    Decided to join this Indigo Invitational with my XX type as they are a size 36 and probably a safer pair to wear for a year. Fit pics after the initial wash. They shrank a bit but less than other unsanforized denim I own. It was similar with my pair of 66XX from the Original Line. Typical Denime XX hip flare.
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    been a while… bronson wh x 2 ooe nike
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    Blluemade / Tender Co. / Tezomeya / Tightly Stitched / Cane’s / MOTO

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