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    Left Field, Shuron, Uniqlo, Pilgrim, Warehouse, RM Williams
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    Rothco Patagonia Glad Hand Phigvel Wesco
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    I’m really liking this denim from Phigvel! 12 oz Hw dog Anemoscope Phigvel Broken Homme oxford
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    Hi folks, I've been a silent reader for a couple of years, but 2022 seemed like the right year to join this community more actively. Just wanted to say hi with this and hope I can give some good contributions in the future...
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    Russell Athletics 50s-60s single V sweatshirt. Needs a little love around the cuffs, otherwise I appreciate the wabi-sabi.
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    Woke up to another frigid 6°f / -14°c day. Layers, layers, layers! Surplus cap Way oversized waxed cotton parka with faux fur. Levi's Commuter Trucker My wife's Psycho Bunny scarf Leather gloves (H&M?) LVC 1950s Hoodie (Unseen: vintage wool blend LS tee) Gap Selvedge R&B Boots
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    Freewheelers Cassady, M-1938, Locomotive Engineer star-stripe and Brakeman overalls;John Lofgren
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    I’m at a dead end on how I’d make, improvise or buy this hardware - not this very exact hardware, just something I can use that would be similar (I know the wire is sterling silver so that’s not an issue). Throw me a bone here - I’ll be eternally grateful …
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    A vintage loom, no, but looms aren’t where yarn irregularity comes from. More “natural”-looking slub occurs when yarns are spun on old or poorly-calibrated spinning machines, and modern spinning machines do offer the capability to punch in a varying feed rate (hence thickness) along the length of a yarn. The trick of the companies working with the over-engineered slub is that, yes, they’re using vintage looms—after all, if their jeans didn’t have busted selvedge outseams, their customer base would lose interest completely—but everything leading up to the loom is presumably very modern (I’d assume, anyway, that the same is true for cotton processing, dyeing, etc.). This is cheaper and provides more control over the final product, but it certainly detracts from the vintage-esque wabi sabi nature that’s more popular around these parts
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    To be fair, the customer service was super kind and directly offered a exchange or refund. I will go with the refund.
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    This is my Black Cat chore coat. Outside and inside pics.
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    WTB: US Based., All size in SMALL P24A-E J33-E J68-PL J79-GT First time posting here but been dealing with wkcarl, Kobe, laRentBoy, Nathan, lots of references.
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    2 garment days are worth a double post no? Tender type 799 / Type 129 woad jeans. I also recently just took delivery of the 961 velvet jacket which is great - maybe the best cut yet for my build. I'll have to get some pics of it soon.
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    How can you tell? he's wearing a hat..
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    Finally caved and bought some dad shoes. Not expecting to be a dad or anything, but I'm preparing.
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    Vintage "Casual Wear" short sleeve sweat. Just a hair too small on me unfortunately. Nice heathered dark pink / faded red color, and the inside texture is far more interesting. Outside Inside Green thread used inside sleeves. Destroyed tag Excess Almost fits. Wishful thinking
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    Who or what connects these songs - and on that basis which would be the odd one out?
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    Haven't worn my Connors in a few months, so it was like putting on an old (comfortable) glove again today... photo from the time before this
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    to stay on topic with helping out on sizing with the J1W-GTPL I am 5'9 at 156 pounds and wearing a M (my normal go to size in acr) with a shirt underneath Second photo I'm layering the J1W with the J91-WS in M. Overall, I am really happy with the fit! I do wish I could have tried on a size S of the J1W to compare but I feel would have been risky since I wanted to use it with the J91 as the insulator. Really love both jackets and kept me nice and cozy at 35F.
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    Some thoughts on the J1W-GTPL. Got mine in Backer Grey, really like the color, please be aware though that it is not green-ish like in the product shots with Lenny. Love the new Flak-Pocket in the kinda retro look, great usability, i was worried the flap would be a bit in the way but it is absolutely not. The new gravity-pocket is a nice touch as its more invisible than before, though i can't really see for what exactly i should use it as the entrance part is kinda small and you are forced to empty them at the sleeve opening. I believe @thatslapz wrote a pretty detailed review about these features back when the J1E came out last year. Regarding sizing. I know this is a long ongoing discussion on this forum. I initially ordered an M (my normal size) and wasn't 100% sure if i like it so i got an S as well to compare. The S fits more like a normal (boxy) M - with no real down sides, i can easily fit my J78-WS underneath for added insulation, there is enough place at the shoulders, it is long enough. The M fits more like a normal Jacket in L would fit me. I wouldn't disagree that in general, you should just take your normal size as this will give you the intended fit (i picked my normal size for J33-E as opposed to other advises in this thread for example), but with this one, i would say it is up to personal taste and if you wanna go for a more normal fit, you're safe to size down. It is still a boxy cut and the silhouette reminds of older J1A iterations. Edit: please have some shitty phone pics of me wearing the size S (I’m 180cm 78kg)
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    oh yeah, amazing piece. light but gives you enough warmth in the chest, so your arms could be less sweaty. Works really well with J99, you just wear V5-PX on top of t-shirt and cover everything with coat. You don't even need to zip it, it's still would be cozy enough.
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    I just saw Steven Spielberg's West Side Story last night. A staggering achievement in sound, cinematography, staging, art direction, and costume design. Its also a denim lover's dream. So much vintage! But this piece on the left in particular jumped off the screen. It's from LVC's s/s Space Race 2019 collection.
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    My first pair of Denime 66 just arrived. The support and service from Naoki-san are amazing.

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