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    When whites refused to fix my whites moc toe boots. another Spokane boot maker came to the rescue and really blew me away. Such a better boot now.
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    My Full Count 1108, at 395 days of wear. Washed numerous times past the 10 month mark or so. I'm really pleased with how these have turned out. I wore them in the warm months for the past three years, and they're quite comfortable in hot weather and very soft. I like the more vintage-style fading I got on these, and the denim is just great. I'm a little tired of the fit, though, which is a bit slimmer than I prefer nowadays. It's not uncomfortable, just seems somewhat proportionally weird in some ways (such as the really narrow fit through the hips.)
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    My Flat Head 3005s, at about 380 days of wear. Think they've been washed over a dozen times. In retrospect, I really wish I'd waited maybe 4-6 months before the first wash instead of washing every month. The overall color and texture looks nice, but I feel these would look better if the whiskers/honeycombs were more defined. At any rate, these are mostly my "work" jeans at this point, that I wear for dirty jobs and wash whenever. I have a pair of the Japanese domestic 3005s from about 2015 or so - which have the reinforced pocket stitching, but not the ultrasuede. When I get around to wearing those I'll wait longer before the first wash.
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    Merz B super heavy 14oz tshirt roy foreman visvim skagway I’ve been really enjoying this tshirt. It has an uneven hand like warehouse tshirts but in a heavier fabric.
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    From minute 4:25 . The fit of the jeans is great.
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    weird choice as the tube hood on the J43A in my experience was anything but functional; limiting your peripheral vision and hearing when worn up and pushing your earphones out of your ears while worn down (with the extra fabric of the expansion panel making the forcelock unusable as it would push down anything attached to it at even the slightest bit of movement).
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    this boot looks f'g great It seems they do not sell through their website, only stockists?
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    Superfuture Tux (TM) Vintage Knit Hat Stone Cutters jacket by Universal Overall Co, Chicago H&M stripes Wolfman Jeans Polo socks VANS Off The Wall Denim details in the Vintage Clothing thread
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    I've got one from the previous run and I haven't found it to click clack or to rest on the nose. The long zipper adds the weight needed to keep it sitting on your neck if it's unzipped fully. To me it captures Acronym at its best: remarkably aggressive styling justified by actual functionality. Like the flak pocket on the J1A or the tube hood on the J43A. That said, of all the Acronym garments I've owned, it's the one I felt silliest paying full price for given what it is, let alone resale market prices.
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    Those middle pair from Marvins look to be the same, or similar, where the back centre belt loop is stitched under, like your WH '36 dsb repros. Most other 1936-42 501's have a regular stitched belt loop like the other 2 examples you posted from Marvins. Does that make sense? Anyway my main reason of interest is that weird back belt loop. If it's a custom thing, then fine, as there's plenty of evidence to suggest that Levis did that for customers with jackets. But if it isn't a custom thing, then for a very (very) small period of 501XX production, in and around say 1936/7, hidden rivet Levis may have had this feature. So hold that thought. Going back to the vintage denim thread, l posted a ds pair of earlier 501XX with exposed back pocket rivets which also had this belt loop feature. This may mean that this brief period of production was just before the 1936/1937 type model was introduced. So the ds pair would have been made after the NRA tag was stopped being used around late 1935. I'm going to go back over to the vintage denim thread to take another look at those guarantee tickets
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    I have to disagree. The front zip gives you the possibiliy to vent if getting too hot, or when i go grocery shopping, i open it up halfwise so i can put on my (n95) mask more quickly. Also, easier to put off when opened. Compared to the NG8 which i also own, much more functional. If the look is visually inspiring or not is of course matter of taste.
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    had a good day today ☀️ McCoys Tropical Jacket McCoys lw tee Warehouse mesh belt Warehouse DSB Paraboot Chambord
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    Pokemon crazy ...... gotta catch em all ! McCoys double layer after hood Warehouse 1001xx 25th 50's Jordan ajko
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    MOTO shoes after another round of conditioner pre- and post-brushing: & in finished form (w/ slightly different lighting, & corn husk for reference):
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    Different colors side by side on the Desolation Row IG (but not that I've seen on the site):
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    Hi everyone! I went to TCB in Kojima for the first time in a long time with a friend. Cross the Seto Bridge. The calm Setouchi sea. Then, I had lunch at a curry shop where an acquaintance of hajime works. It was very delicious. And to the TCB factory ... Nayuta's works. And my pair was repaired again.
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    Since I've spent most of my raw denim time with Japanese brands, I thought it would be good to try a pair of LVC. This pair of LVCJ 50s-XX from 1999 popped up at a reasonable price and almost unused condition. Seller measured it smaller than it really was and it stretches easily with wear. I could have gone down a size or even two The inseam also turned out a good deal longer than I wanted, as I hoped to rock them with a short inseam, ivy style. It's a comfortable fit without looking too baggy, and I'm liking that high rise for a change. Doesn't even need a belt to stay up. The construction seems a bit sloppier than I've grown used to seeing in my other pairs, with ample amounts of loose thread ends throughout, but I'm very happy with them nevertheless. Fabric is quite interesting too, grainy and bumpy, some fluffiness, and just a bit crispy. Some of the colours look a lot warmer than in real life, courtesy of that early morning sun. But here's a bunch of photos of some jeans on dewy grass, taken by some weirdo at about 7 in the morning.
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    Black 1001XX fit post wash. Very happy. Didn’t do a full dry cycle so they probably have a little more shrink in them. (Sweater is Tender BTW.)
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    a couple... that time again; layers of m51 liner-burgs plus-tcb s40s-attractions and tcb tux; s40 above, boss cat below, redwing to finish...
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    Full Count Chore // MF Bandana // RRL Pants // Viberg x Iron Heart Engineer Boots
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    Can't believe the WWII's are going to be sold for 29700 Yen... Wish I could snag a pair!
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    Meh...those multi track tops look pretty dope to me from a design perspective..I'd have loved them at 16 and I hope some kids do to. Ugly shit in there too no doubt, but some of you guys need to lighten up ffs. Imagine stepping out of your comfot zone/trying new stuff for the heck of it, with a fanbase like this. I'm not even surprised Acr is so diluted today. Fanbase is reluctant to evolve in any direction, and I've noticed this with every recent drop = hence NG4 and remixed jackets to every retailer that will have them. I cannot believe any of you struggled to cop one. Reminder: You're not that cool.. actually most people who see you, or me, in *insert best acronym fit*, think you're a dork..Chill out a bit Edit: Sweet fittage on new pants
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    Wtf are you talking about...? Why are there so many of these weird ass diatribes in here lately? Let people enjoy things lmao