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    Looks lovely @JRendon02! I'm working out a trip to San Miguel de Allende for July. My jeans have been with Self Edge the last couple weeks for repairs. They've missed some great riding, but I haven't. Up around the Appalachians in CT and with my partner's T120 on the Delaware near Narrowsburg, NY.
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    Seen these - quick link drop... not checked them out yet Plus screenshot (as IG wouldn't embed like it used to) https://www.instagram.com/p/COhtLvvjKhA/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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    Tcb 60s x 50s tux 60s jacket X 50s jeans
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    How do we not have a thread for Mike Hodis’ brand Runabout Goods Anyways here’s a photo of my custom jacket after a couple weeks working construction. I love it
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    SOLD ty WTS: J53TS-GT size large, full pack. Some delam. Asking $650USD but at this point just take this thing off my hands honestly. Open to offensive lowballs. https://www.jawnflip.com/i/25304-acronym-j53ts-gt
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    Sorry for the downbeat post. Not looking for sympathy but rather offering perspective. This life is precarious. Buy that vintage piece. Spend a fortune on denim. Love hard. It could all be gone tomorrow. T shirt Jeans Heavy boots. Salvage operation at my place of business, Skeleton Key Brewery that was hit by a chickenshit tornado late Father's Day. The beer was saved and sold and no one was hurt. Big shout out to the Chicago Craft beer community for rallying behind us. A few weeks ago. Current situation. https://gofund.me/bfd923b5
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    No mental breakdowns in the sales thread please. Wtb: J28-WS small P38-E small
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    #16 coming back into the game... Got mine near the end of October, after a size swap, so no special pocket bags or competition patch for me. Have been wearing them pretty consistently since, with a week off here and there. Took a while to get used to the incredibly high rise, but get used to them I did, and now I love the fit. First pic is April, after one wash. The rest are a couple of days ago, after another wash, and a crotch and hem repair.
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    Got my Lot D Appaloosa in the mail and had some fun with my camera and extension tube The fabric is quite smooth, with some irregularities here and there. I particularly like the purplish shade of the denim and the painted snaps. Thank you, @JDelage, for suggesting the shirt. Going to give it a soak and spin dry, as per MF's suggestion.
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    I’ll take some proper pics once washed, promise.
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    Wash number whatever it was last time plus one:
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    i love these parts after soaked yesterday
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    Since there'd been a couple of hot weeks I'd started thinking the time had come to put the jeans in summer hibernation. Now it's cooled off again so I'm back in the saddle.
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    agreeing with @Jared_Lee - mad-core level of fading from contestants at this point... another wash and thus another mild & milquetoast contribution from me ... one observation: enjoying how the fold over of fabric in the backpocket is making fade line separate to the sewing...
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    Hi everyone, little update from Paris, France. Have a good day !
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    50's, lots of yard work and several more washes since last update. Hard to get it just right but this is closest.
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    @scooby I have a pair that I haven’t worn yet. Mainly because it’s super light denim like 8oz I think. Here are some photos of Mike’s personal pair he wore for 3 years. They look so good
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    It was custom made for Kevin Costner in Yellowstone. Hodis told me he made 3 for him. It somehow randomly popped up on eBay and I got it. It is different duck canvas than the starborn jacket. At first I thought it was the same but I recently got the starborn and it’s definitely different and heavier.
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    This lee talk reminded me about my pairs. could only find this one. It’s from 2009. Stored it away 5/6 yrs ago. I put in the washer and start wearing it again