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    I somehow got the thought stuck in my head that I'm going to make a pair of shoes. I figured a step in that journey is to learn basic leatherworking, so this weekend I made myself a camera bag, and yesterday I drew up a wallet pattern in Illustrator and I'm pretty pleased with it.
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    Warehouse 800XX NW pair in size 34 (10 plus washes in 2 years) Warehouse 3076 workshirt (size 40)(10 plus washes in 1.5 years) Tanner Goods Classic Natural Leather Belt with stainless steel buckle (size 34)(age 1.5 years) Timberland 6" City Premium Boots featuring side zip
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    Warehouse 800XX NW pair in size 34 (10 plus washes in 2 years) Warehouse 3076 workshirt (size 40)(10 plus washes in 1.5 years) Tanner Goods Classic Natural Leather Belt with stainless steel buckle (size 34)(age 1.5 years) Timberland 6" City Premium Boots featuring side zip
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    Busting this thing out cuz no ones buying Mountain Research Nonnative ACR Adapture Affix Kiko Camper
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    Also I don't think those are made by CSF? As far as I know this guy does all the sewing for YM Factory: https://www.instagram.com/rebuilt.jp/
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    Hopefully your not sick seeing these but I've finally decided ( definitely ) to start wearing a new pair . There at a really nice stage of wear and I love the jeans so I don't want to wear them to shreds , the price hike means I'll likely not get another pair so these will only be for occasional wear from here on out
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    We were too poor to afford much meat growing up so I never really had it much growing up and was always put off by the smell of it. We are more fish than anything else. I’ve been plant based “not vegan I still use leather and I do eat honey” for over 10 years I think. these new super processed burgers are nasty to me. They smell disgusting like I remember beef smelling when it was cooked and I just don’t have any desire to eat something that is supposed to be just like meat or bleed like flesh. It’s good for people looking to transition from a meat to plant based diet I guess?
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    I don’t even know why a hamburger is called a hamburger when it’s primarily made of beef!
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    Pescatarians are meat eaters … Your situation does give another perspective tho’ - I guess I’m an omnivore, for want of a description, and I like the flavours and textures and smells of different foods. I love the fat from meats, something I haven’t seen replicated (despite claims of authentic textures and flavours from the lab folk creations), but that aside I CGAF what anyone else eats. Diets are chosen and imposed in equal measure I think and I respect the situation anyone has … however, I am curious as to why, for example, a vegan ‘hamburger’ is called a hamburger, vegan ‘bacon’ is called bacon - it seems daft to me, but as others have pointed out there may be wider marketing implications.
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    Not sure is this is quite what you're asking but my wife is a pescatarian so doesn't eat meat but it's because she doesn't like it so she has no interest in "realistic" meat alternatives, when I try to eat less meat it is for environmental/welfare reasons so the more meat-like the better for me. That said because my wife does most of the cooking I do end up eating more tofu/veggie based things anyway.
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    Beautiful wild poppies growing on wasteland near my work
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    DC4 has the YM closed front jumper in stock in a couple of sizes.
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    Ooe / TFH / Hollows / Cane’s / Lofgren
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    After my bikes got robbed from our bikeshed, i started taking my commuter in the house at night, this is a f'kin pain when it's raining, anyhow ive currently got a few bikes stored at work and a few in the cellar. Our cellar floor is always damp because of the underground streams making their way to the Porter so i only keep those bikes in the cellar which are in constant use...I wanted to bring one of the bikes home from work for the summer but didn't want to leave it in the cellar so i bought a cheap bike hook to hang it in the stairwell which leads down to the cellar.. ..but it wouldn't fit where i wanted it to fit so i decided to make my own hinged bike hanger which i can flip out of the way when not in use and position the bike exactly. Made a wooden model which follows the desired position of the bike, tapering away from the wall, following the angle from back tyre, past pedals to bars. ..with a loose section spot glued in place with a couple of spots of superglue (you was right @Duke Mantee) ..built a little frame around the loose end section ..mixed some polyurethane resin ..poured it into the frame, trying not to get it over the edges while simultaneously looking through the camera ..had some breakfast while the resin cured ..removed the resin mould ..removed the loose section ..drilled 4x holes underneath the loose section, 1x to cast into and 3x to let the air out. ...coated the mould with mould release solution ..put the mould back into position over the bracket with what was the loose section, now a cavity within the mould. Decided against silicone, what i use is condensation-cure, the chemical reaction of the catalyst draws in moisture from the environment so when it's hot/humid (like today) you get less pot-life (pot-life isn't as fun as what you're thinking ) and the rubber needs to flow through the thin section before it started the thicken so i used a rubberised resin instead which gives you 40mins pot life, after which time the chemical reaction of the hardener warms the resin to cure.. it's only rubberised to stop the top tube getting scratched on a hard surface. ..mixed the resin and ran it through the vacuum chamber to force the air out, cast the mould, ran the mould through the vac chamber to force out any trapped air and while that cured..i started to make the hinge .. remembered i had a large spare roller hinge in my toolbox ..super-bling chrome offended my sensibilities, so i rubbed it down with some wirewool and inserted and it into the brackets (it's trickier than you think, accurately inserting an internal hinge, usually you position the barrel is on the outside, but i had to carve out the ply to accept it and still get all faces to close without any gaps) ..de-moulded, ive dropped the rubber below the surface to prevent it pealing away from the ply ..and there you have it, the world's most overengineered bike hanger. ..painted the back to cover up the holes which i cast through ..added a little roller catch to hold it to the wall when not in use Ta Daaa!
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    thrifted hawaiian / uniqlo/ TCB
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    Last check up after surgery, surgeon says hand looks AOK! Acronym, Nikelab ACG, super.natural Have a nice day!
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    New Roberu wallet just arrived alongside 8 1/2 year old version
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    A couple of recent ones.. S&M meshback from Alans, i bought this a few months ago just to keep my unruly lockdown hair out of my face ..and amongst a few other really kind home-made gifts from our very own LazyS, this dope bobble hat. Thanks man!
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    Nothing exciting Fit comparison on my Duck Digger 43 and 46 now that they’re both molded to me pretty nicely. guessing at most 60 days each, both had a warm wash around month or so in. I rotate bi weekly ish DDS1003XX 1943 model DD1003XX 1946 model They fit me... and pretty well I think. The 46 are just a more versatile pair when it comes to footwear, and the denim is of course the bees knees
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    I took a few photos of my 2002XX that I've been wearing since 2016. Full album here https://imgur.com/a/yupAdHk