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    For ooms - old timey tux Freewheelers Cassady, Gold Miner, Sag Harbor, Gold Miner c/w Tender and Lone Wolf
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    Little progress update. Iphone probably doing some dirty work making them a bit more contrasty than in real world.
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    Another wash, and some comparison shots with the 50's (50's on top):
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    More chilly drizzle today after a high of 85° yesterday. Perfect opportunity to wear my new sweatshirt. Bronson Heavyweight zip hoodie. Love this. Nice heavy french terry, vintage details like anIdeal zipper & long cuffs, unique pockets, solid construction and the price is too good to pass up. This will be my new daily. Vintage Marc Jacobs clown tee Same old belt. Old Gap non stretch selvage Feels like 14oz Cone Mills. Digging the straighter leg on these. Rag and Bone Indy clones.
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    Tender / Tezo / Tightly Stitched / Cane’s MOTO
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    Off to get lunch. basic sweater over basic T, Warehouse C/L 800s with weird cycling cuffs Bike helmet for safety Fancy socks Asics
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    Old Old hat RS RMC Old belt MF White's
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    My list as it stands: Jeans: Warehouse 1000 700c S1000XX Traphouse 20xx20 DD 1873 Free&Easy 1001XX F&W Best Heller’s cafe HC2 Nonpareil Jeans Heller’s cafe HC3 Nonpareil Jeans Samurai S3000VX Roy R01 Fancy pockets Omnigod 50-056A Cushman 22501XX Sugarcane Okinawa Benzak BDD-707 Special #1 UES 400WW Ooe Yofukuten OA-01 OA-02 Freewheelers “Vanishing West” 601XX Orslow 105 US Navy Denim Mister Freedom Bosco Pants nep denim Vaquero Jeans Conductor Slacks Malibu denim Californian lot 674 Okinawa Sportman chinos indigo twill Nudie Lean Dean Cone Mills White Oak Grim Tim bamboo Oni denim 902ZR PJB XX-003 Evisu No.2 2017 Tcb WW2 Tender 132 Gustin green selvedge denim Jackets: RMC 001XXJ Type 1 Rogue Territory Nihon Menu denim type 3 Samurai S0551XX Type 1 Samurai S0555VX Type 1 Samurai S553XX Type 3 PJB Type 2 Indigofera Copeland Overshirt black Tanuki ID0929JKT2 Type 2 Tender 900 Mister Freedom Gunslinger Jumper coat Lee x H&M chore coat Universal Works Bakers chore coat Belefonte Ragtime denim jacket Ironheart Denim Drizzler Jacket Shirts: Momotaro Chambray shirt indigo/red/green Momotaro work shirt Pike Brothers 1937 Roamer shirt wasbash denim Ironheart wasbash work shirt SoSo wasbash denim shirt Tcb wasbash shirt Eastman railroad wasbash work shirt Non Stock wasbash shirt Nudie Jonis selvedge shirt SoSo green/grey selvedge shirt orSlow Button down denim shirt Wallace & Barnes selvedge shirt PJB denim work shirt Gustin chambray selvedge shirt There maybe more but it’s a start...
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    McCoys chambray Conners ww2 Vans A bad boy
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    Columbiaknit / French M47 HBT / Bronson sweat / Orslow 105 / Rancourt
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    Ugh back to the rain LA New Era Samurai Iron Heart Nike Foamposite
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    Re: Neputa Genus, I have a pair and I’ve never been quite sure what to call them as they are also branded as Tsugaru Jeans. I usually just lump them in mentally with the rest of my Warehouse collection (apologies for posting photos previously seen in the Warehouse thread)
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    Engineered Garments Conners ww2 Vans
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    Cosplaying Tilmann for the day Deluxeware / Leroy’s / Tricker’s
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    deadstock Five Brothers from local army/navy GBG001 from Broark Puma bonus accidental John B shot
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    Simmons Bilt Tender 129 Fracap A good girl
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    Same here. Wearing the much less worn jacket for comparison
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    I’m pretending to be @Broark and photobomb this - but a weird tangent to the ‘Unknown Japanese Brands’ (Neputa being made by Warehouse) led me back to these from about 10 years ago and the story of Towser the world record mouser from the Glenturret distillery (one of the oldest, if not the oldest in Scotland) Anyway, I think they are one of the best overalls Warehouse have ever made:
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    Took delivery of the C/L 800s a few days ago, a tad tight on the thighs, but that's probably because I got used to the TCB 40s and SDA 102s...
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    Dehen jacket, carhartt sweat, buzz pants, vans shoes
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    Bit of a return to cooler spring weather here in NC so I can get a few more days out of some heavier things. Tender almost all the way here (Type 900/Type 129/Sidings boots).
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    Fit pics of the S1000XX: and after careful negotiations:
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    46s after a couple washes