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    a just washed silhouette & as the lockdown in the UK lifts a little, back to onsite working and observing global Britain at a standstill... popped back to a particular neglected corner of the world between rochester and chatham [rochester high street, just on the river medway], seeing how they are faring with the pause in the world... if the previous post was a little too pastoral, some broken glass to go with the pollarding... the church come gym now amassing its own tyre collection shops that are long boarded up and their neighbours... nearer the river itself; [this used to be a video game archive - now a house of rage...] in the reflection here: the chatham house I presume the international policy think-tank is named after [a listed building, long boarded up and sealed off] the local synagogue seems to have amassed a pile of shoes... and then some shots of st bartholomew's - the oldest hospital in the UK (established 1078 wikipedia tells me) until its closure in 2016... you know what it is becoming now... edit: the 'granite gym' posted earlier is actually st bartholomew's chapel - built around 1120, on original site of the hospital (so the internet tells me...) - this redevelopment is of the 19th century hospital rebuild... plus; wondering why there is no iconography of covid signs going on - a start to the collection
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    Different day same clothes hair / beard / jacket / tee / belt / jeans / shoes
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    I had my sister snap some shots of me during our morning bike ride and couldn’t help but notice the progress on the s40s. I am currently a month behind the start date and just gave them a hot wash/dry two weeks ago
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    Since its snowing, might as well just stay in and take photos for the 8th month update
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    Moving on... Here's my Samurai S0511XX purchased Sept of 2019, worn a lot, then a little, then a lot. Washed a few times. They were tighter before, thus the unfortunate lap fades, but are just beginning to fit well again. My very first pair of Japanese made jeans were made from the same Texas cotton (Lot 10 Samurai S0500XX), so naturally I had to revisit this fabric.
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    Slowly chugging a long... really enjoying the cut.
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    Levis 505 big e Compare.with the Devis D52.zip
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    @bartlebyyphonics I think a sized up 710 will fit you just fine and your style. But I agree, in new state the 711 denim is more interesting. Resolute 710 - TLB Mallorca
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    continuing military-hawaiian theme in low effort lift selfie covid mode... triple collar popping, double bagging with hand-me-down-iphone with electrical tape accessories... ortlieb-thrifted ally cappelino-usmc 80s jacket-lvc type 1-old hawaiian shirt-tcb s40s
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    Drizzly and chilly day. LVC 1950's Hoodie ("No Fun" A/W '20) Levi's 511 Commuter (2ish years, 2 or 3 washes). Loving how these are fading. Vans Off The Wall Timex Vintage rings
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    Very decent shopping spree [email protected] Today - Warehouse / army surplus (Swedish) / Warehouse / Red Wing
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    Threw on my own pair of ecru pants with the arrival of spring here. These are canvas and not denim though, hope that's allowed EG, Armor Lux, Stan Ray, Chuck 70s
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    tough act to follow ^^^ still enjoying these ecru 1101s, plus a fresh n crispy longhorn from wh
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    Not much to see from last time, but they are getting somewhere!
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    Great to see all the progress on here, with different blue hues and stages of wear. People are all wearing these jeans well!
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    lovely updates gents. @Paul T great to see you're in fine shape and the jeans are still unfaded ; ) @bartlebyyphonics very educational comparison post! love it! I've used my pair for some yard work and promptly washed them right side out at 60° C just because the washing machine is the only thing that can fade my jeans at this stage!
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    top work @Paul T! Teacher are such a key part of the front-line at the moment: so hope you are keeping safe as well as exhausted! [my daughter's secondary school is being vigilant on testing and ensuring social isolation happens among bubbles to keep teachers safe; hoping your employer is looking out for you too...] in denim terms: just done a wash... as denim characteristics emerge some comparisons with other tcb and with a cone lvc '44 from a few years back... [left to right] 20s-s40s-50s back pocket corner... 20s-s40s s40s-50s 20s-s40s-50s front pocket rivet 20s-s40s s40s-50s and coin pockets of s40s-lvc'44 [now they have approximately similar wear...] and same again for pocket rivets and denim of lvc'44-s40s and then key evidence of denim slubs / vertical rain on various back pockets... 20s 50s lvc'44 and then contest pair of s40s ... [almost no rain on the tcb 40s denim; instead almost granular / sandpapery still ... there is some hiding in there, but very different to other tcb offerings I have worn thus far...]
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    Just some progress my my pair of 40s
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    cross-post from the Denime thread. These are some 66s that I've worn for various stretches since 2011. This other pair are also Shins-era 66s (I think?) worn hard for three years and regularly washed warm and tumble-dried. And some comparisons:
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    after all the canes talk I went for a toyo enterprise frenzy via hinoya... the 47s have a rise to get lost in... [but a surprisingly smaller waist than expected; the 38w came in at just under 36, but stretched with dampness and wear to an easy 94cm] wintery-spring-hawaiian-military-aka-confused-boogaloo-noises-cos-play / buzz / spec-savers / carhartt / sun surf / canes '47 / r-mocs
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    Bought these Bartack's new (old/stock) way back around when l first joined sufu but now cant find my pics of them here so... Made in around 1994 iirc. The pocket design has been altered by me to look more like a levis one, l cut the tab off (think it was blue) and also removed the uninteresting (to me) patch. Guy on ebay had a batch so l rolled the dice for 75 quid. 36x33 but measured 35x39. Super green cast denim, which always seems impossible for me to catch on my phone camera, and different colours/gauges of cotton thread used. Got them hemmed at Soas. Odd back pocket positions but love them overall and the denim has that vintage marble thing going on from normal wash and wear. No hidden rivets but some nice details nonetheless -
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    Some new items that have recently released
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    Pale - not colourless or conventional
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    and fug the colonel... here's Walker Evans' 1930s photo from Havana... much better...