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    Think it'll be that way until the end of next month I'm afraid. In the meantime here's some photos of the 40's jacket in production: http://tcbjeans.com/2020/07/15/27160
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    Its a nice day !!!
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    My housemate built a ladder for hanging potted plants so I guess that's my backdrop now Ooe, Merz, Roy, Lofgren
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    Borsalino MFSC MFSC Lot. 674 Birkenstock
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    Here are my current field jackets - Firstly, my old M-41 repro. This was my garden/yard jacket until recently. Cheaply made in China by Mil- Strom, think it was 40 quid. Must be at least 12 or 13 years old. It has lived in the wood shed, which has a clear plastic corrugated sheet roof, hence the sun faded look. Second, l have recently bought this old M-51 jacket as a replacement for the above. It has some paint flecks, some minor staining and an old stencil of some kind above the left chest pocket, but it was only 35 quid so l can't complain. Prefer it with the press studs as opposed to the cheap buttons of the above, and nice big deep pockets for all my crap. Perfect.
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    Nice fit,isn't ?? Haha...ready for soaking.
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    47s i’ve had for about a year. i wore them pretty heavily from last summer up until the pandemic started then put em away for awhile.
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    Whoa I've never heard the complaint that FH t-shirts are too long though I can see how if you have to size up, the proportions can get funky. With Merz, they've become one of my favorite brands for t-shirts. They have the impression that they're some big company but in reality they're a pretty small operation that has the ability to put out a lot of different products because of how they're set up. The owners still man the trade show booths every year. I feel like they doesnt always get the credit they deserve especially when compared to Japanese brands...in house fabric and garment production for the mainline, all organic cotton, no chemical processing, and they do interesting fabrics with different yarn types/sizes, doing cotton blends with viscose, hemp, merino, etc. Even their neck tags are woven on old punch card looms. I think the sizing of their t-shirts can seem tricky but I use the same thinking as unsanforized jeans where the length shrinks the most so I make sure I have about 1"-1.5" (I usually cold wash in the machine and hang dry with the expectation that sometimes it'll end up in the dryer) and a little room in the body. The width usually stretches to comfortable if it's a little snug. The end fit is definitely more modern compared to warehouse or flat head but even on my non germanic European lanky build, it works well. I generally get size 6/L in merz in the 2-thread 215 t-shirts, sometimes a 5/M on some seasonal runs of t-shirts like the hemp/cotton. To give some comparison on sizing I'm a Med in warehouse 4601, size Medium in newest run of Flat Head THC (this fits on the slim side), Large in strike gold t-shirts, Medium in Human Made t-shirts, Large in SDA, Medium in 3sixteen T-shirts (I hot wash and dry these to get enough shrink), and Med generally in Iron Heart t-shirts. Also, always get their 2-thread t-shirts as opposed to their cheaper models. The price difference is big but the 2-thread fabrics are significantly nicer. The hand feel on the inside of the 2-thread fabric is really soft. It's almost as thick as a flat head tshirt but it has a lot more give to it.
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    I have three Merz 2-thread tees, all size Large. They're great. I think they're the best-fitting fancy T-shirts I've owned - but I'm a tall, thin guy with a Scandinavian/Germanic type of build that they probably had in mind when they designed the cut. The fabric and quality on all of mine have been fantastic. I think the Warehouse 4601 is the best T-shirt I've come across, though. The neck construction (and construction in general) is amazing. The fabric is the best of any fancy T-shirt I've handled. It's super soft and has so much character. According to their site, the fabric is made on a "vintage low-gauge knitting machine even rarer than a loopwheeler" with a #12 slub yarn. It's possible that they modified some vintage machine to get these results, but given the uniqueness and exceptional quality of this jersey, I'd say this is not a case of deceptive marketing or misrepresentation; I think this is better and more impressive than any loopwheeled fabric I've handled.
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    Denime Tokyo Edition
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    Either that or you are really wearing golden shoes
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    Let's see how this posting thing works. Shoes: Tender Sidings Jeans: PBJ SLB-019 Shirt: Tender Type 442 Jacket: Super old band jacket, from the Blur - Think Tank album. It looks like the upload picture function REALLY messed with the colors in the photo?
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    @MJF9, here are some before and after cleaning pics.
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    Thank you! I’d love to. here’s one from today. Went on a short hike with the dog. Was super windy. I live in a relatively rural area so might not be the best example of mundane.
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    Well that’s because there are only so many times one can say “I can’t fucking wait for my WWII jeans to come!!” before it becomes clear one is obsessed. Plus my local postman swore he’d call the cops if I ever yell it at him again so there’s that as well
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    Three days and no posts. You have all shamed this competition
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    I realized I was wearing a merz tshirt and was going to do laundry so I took a quick fit picture of how they fit. First picture is the black tshirt which is a Large and the second is the gray hemp/cotton tshirt which is a Med since that one ran big.
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    WTS (prices include shipping and PP fees in CONUS, PM for INTL) J34-GTPL Small full pack + 3A-2 Black XPAC, used once, full pack: $1650 Sold as set only! WTT 3A-2 Black XPAC, full pack 3A-12TS WTB (can offer any above trade items) J1B-S RAF, Small P17-CH Small P24A-DS XSmall Friend in Tokyo's WTS: P10-DS SS20 Small, brand new full pack: $1300 shipped within JP only for now (due to outbound shipping restrictions) SOLD
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    SOLD WTT/WTS: P23-S black sz Small 8+/10 for sz Medium in the same Will sell for $800 + ship Pants have minor patina that is barely visible. No fades, stains, etc. Color is still deep rich BLACK throughout Also interested in other pants in sz Medium
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    I'm not huge on Merz tees. The materials are nice, but the construction hasn't wowed me, and the cuts are kinda weird. I'm happy enough with the two I have, all things considered, but I don't see myself buying more unless they're heavily discounted. For their whole long-bodied, wide-necked, rib-sleeved style I'd default to Tender Co.—better constructed with fabrics of a similar quality, plus you get to support a much smaller brand.
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    I think they're good for tall, lanky types... they're not great for love handles (ask me how I know).. when I give them another go, they end up going to my son, the 12-y.o. beanpole.
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    Bootleggers Buena Vista - sometimes dead labels and old designs can throw up something fresh ...
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    Thanks folks! A lovely area indeed. Yes it's not too far away from Winterthur. This town is called Stein am Rhein. Lake Constance is where I live and it is not far away from this town.
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    ^And here is the double tab of that pair.
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    Quick shot after wash. 50s slim