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    happy hols y'all any possibility of a warehouse contest seems dead in the grass for what is around right now: I feel tender is most sufu worthy aka least contest historical precedents etc with best product and available supplier my barrier to tender contest is simply that is what I am wearing at the present moment, i.e. at current moment have an 18 month plan (contract) of wear to a 132 right now from which I am loath to deviate (and would, for entirely selfish reasons, most like to wear alongside a hyper vintage '47 warehouse cut)... ... would advise 129 as the general interest model - and yes: it is the square pockets that makes them: great jeans, great denim, great brutally simple design would most likely watch rather than join a roy event: happily raising a glass of cheer
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    Picked up the 105's yesterday, to my surprise they have a tab. Not in the right place, but in the western position. I wasn't expecting any tab! Will try to get some fit pics soon, haven't tried them on yet. Denim is nice and hairy, not sure what it reminds me of. I like that there's already rust on the rivets.
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    today received my Tabby's Overall. just amazing... 10 oz will be great in summer definitely my widest hem ... 28 cm
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    I'm continuing with my 'no buy' trend since 2017.. although i do have a very cheap pair of jeans M.I.(christmas post)A, i'll go hunt them out in the new year, they were a prez so im conveniently not taking them into account. In nearly 3 years ive only bought.. SC-46's to replace CSF-46's, 3x baseball tee's and a SC-46 Type1 which arguably i didn't need, i think i'm doing pretty well.
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    Second wash + dryer on my OOE OA02. Sorry for bad luminosity. Started to wear them in January 2019 so it's been almost 1 year with them ! Real wear time is closer to 6 months . In total they received 2 soaks, 2 handwashes, 2 machine washes. This picture doesn't give the beautiful blue the credits it deserves. Will do better next time. For those wondering what is going on with the back yoke: I always ripped the back yoke on every jeans and 100% cotton thread even faster. This time I've hand sewn on top of the original stitch with yellow waxed linen thread to prevent any unfortunate events. Roping is aftermarket at the excellent Dc4 and made by the kindest of all: Daniel. Looking forward to wear those more and more. Definitely my favorite pair so far..
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    Here's a little flick-book of my 46's, cradle to grave over 3yrs These were only worn for a few hours each day, in the evenings while i was wearing my other CSF 46's for work. . . . . . . ...from the back . . . . . . . . R.I.P
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    .. ive done a bit more reading up and i'm as sure as i can be that those Smith's buttons are indeed original, deadstock, vintage.. from 'Smith's Overall Company' a well known established American brand (apparently) ...but rather than these being 'old, old stock' vintage, Smith's was still making overalls/workwear in the USA until relatively recently, taken over by a Japanese workwear/denim company in the 90's so those buttons, if 'old stock' were probably not that old at the time the jeans were manufactured. A pair of MiA Smith's overalls . .
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    Don’t want to be wearing the same thing every dress down day at work
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    I would like to see some of the bigger collectors here take it one step further as @beautiful_FrEaK has done and actually start selling off...atleast those who have NOS in 34W, 35W, 36W. ;-)
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    Aside.. It annoys the crap out of me when brands deviate from the universally recognised S/M/L or 38/40/42. Ive seen some brands using sizes 1, 2 and 3, which forces retailers to give a key '1=Small 2=Medium'...ect or "email us for advice" so what's the f**king point? its not impressive its meaningless and beyond pretentious.
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    participating in contests helps - ~9 months without new jeans (longest I've gone for years)
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    i just checked and the last time i bought a pair of jeans was in november 2016 (tender). pretty good going i thought till i remember i'd since been buying quite a few shirts, a jacket, a belt, caps, glasses and two pairs of shoes!
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    Anyone doing a No Buy 2020? I think I may buy 1 pair of jeans (something I’ve had my eye on) but other than that I’m trying to buy nothing else (again) unless I’m replacing something that has worn out or I’m selling. I failed last year but didn’t do too badly.
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    Margiela medic tabi sandal/sneakers
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    ues, iron heart, trophy, nike
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    New shirt. First western style shirt. still coming to grips with how to style it. Lovely shirt anyways.
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    Little present to myself. Alden 4511h. Happy Christmas all.
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    Buzz Gangsterville Buzz Trophy Unmarked Weiner dog
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    TCB / Cheap shirt / Warpweft / Sagara
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    Sun Surf SS14450 ranch jacket, a.k.a. Okolehao ranch jacket, tag size 42 Hell yeah
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    Thank you for the kind words! Going to make some tweaks to get it to function a bit smoother, but with a month of use it's holding up well and can easily manage 24 beers, a few kilos of rice, and some snacks. Will update with more! I shamelessly made a repro/alt 3A-2(TS) this weekend, nothing too special and not a lot of thought on my part, but sight unseen I tried to roughly duplicate the bag. This iteration instead has a TS inner belt as opposed to the pocket (didn't know the size or functionality of the pocket so I figured something modular would be easy and work well with keys, pens, knives and whatever else) ~sorry for my complete inability to do clean binding around the bends, I just don't have the skill nor the right sewing machine setup.
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    Grocery bag~ If anyone ever does want to help orchestrate group purchasing of anything from tecsys, to XV 5230 buckles and beyond I'd always be down to take part (though of course logistics will be a nightmare)
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    Unfortunately I have not seen the Duraflex Evil eye Tensionlock sold anywhere. Also you won't find exact same olive ribbon and elastic webbing, so I would suggest making a better version yourself. If you have someone who is Duraflex customer around he can ask for sample qty of the desired tensionlock.
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    Well, at least there’s no crotch blowout.