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    Let's hope it's not the end for The Flat Head. I need more of their tees, I think the 44 would fit me well these days as my two 46s are way too long for my preference. Snapped a couple pictures of my indigo linen shirt, been wearing it a ton this summer and it's aging pretty quickly.
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    I gave these 2 washes in the past two weeks. It's been about 2.5 months since the last wash. I've been wearing them steadily throughout the summer, double-roll cuff high-water style. They were filthy with sweat, dirt and grime. They felt gross to wear. A wash inside-out as usual didn't get the face clean, so they got a 2nd wash right-side out. Not sure how many washes, about 15+, and 15+ months wear. The crotch has a full-blown hole. It aids in the air flow from ankle to the boys. I prolly won't bother getting them repaired. This denim didn't shrink that much from raw, but it stretches out a lot after a hot wash + dry. They fit me great fresh the dryer, but after a couple of days they stretch out almost a full size and are really too big. I'm just wearing these for the contest, and once it's over I prolly won't wear them again. The color in most of these pics is washed out. The faded areas aren't quite that white IRL, and they aren't that contrasty.
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    All they were showing at those events was jewelry, some leather items (wallets and bags), and a presentation on indigo dying techniques on t-shirts and sweaters. As @Cold Summer said above, it wasn't a fall/winter collection and the flyer is misleading. Also, I believe I was the only person outside of FH to see samples of a new line they've been working on. They specifically stated when I met them in May that no another retailer inside or outside of Japan have seen the samples of the unbranded new line. There were no jeans in the new line, it was only shirts and good selection of jackets. They have not taken orders or shown these items anywhere as they're waiting for the bankruptcy proceedings to finish. I actually got to help them with the presentation they're doing in court in a few weeks, trying to put together a case for them to restructure and continue as Flat Head, we'll see how that works out in the end..
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    Make America Great Again?! Really?! Hahahah
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    Seems Sugar Cane has some American made jeans coming out. Available in a Type II as well. I am assuming it is not Cone denim though. Feel like they would advertise that if it were.
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    20% off sale from Mr. Freedom this weekend, tempting me to pick up that Okinawa Ranch Blouse...
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    WTS: 3A-5TS L2 net 1400USD details here https://www.grailed.com/listings/10693831-Acronym-3a-5ts-L2 j41-gtv size M net 1150 USD details here https://www.grailed.com/listings/10548044-Acronym-J41-GTV-gen-1-1 (Would also considering trading for a j68 size m and I'll add cash if necessary)
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    WTS J1A-GT 2.2 size medium brand new but no spec, 1400 euros including shipping ww, add pp fee plz WTB J72-DS white size large
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    Unfortunately you don't know what the hell you're talking about. They've been doing traveling collection expos to every single company store since I worked for Flat Head in 2013, and presumably before then. Maybe they stopped at some point and later resumed it but I'm pretty sure I remember correctly since I packed up huge plastic crates filled with their expo items and sent them out to their company stores, one after the next. Instead of looking at some grainy flyer I went on Kobayashi's Facebook page and actually looked at the pictures from the events to confirm that these were basically events for special ordering some items, indigo-dyeing blank tees/shirts/etc, and definitely nothing like the seasonal collection expos they used to do, where the whole store was filled with racks of sample items, pretty much the same as what they brought to their retail partner-facing expos. I see no actual evidence of what would traditionally be considered a FW2019 collection. It's possible that Flat Head is making some standard items like jeans and maybe long-running flannel/T-shirt designs in addition to taking orders for Stockburg leather goods, but that's it. Bottom line is, I'm going to trust that Kiya knows what he's talking about rather than taking the word of some random smartass on SuFu.
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    Unfortunately, you do not follow the company thoroughly. This is for the store in Hamamatsu, which if you had visited, you would know how small and insignificantly small is. They held similar events held in all of their shops for their new collection/project whatever you prefer to call it. They started doing this type of roadshows with their FW 18/19 collection and the only difference between the above announcement and announcement for previous season is that there are no pictures of new products in the new announcements. I was responding to a Kiya's post claiming that he is the only one outside the FH company enlightened to the new project/collection.
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    I realized, I never took fit pics of my 1976 pair. Size 34x34, washed once. Edit: By the way, anyone interested in a pair of LVC 501XX 1947 in size 36x34 made in USA out of White Oak Cone denim? Washed twice for initial shrinkage and worn a bit but no flaws and in great condition. Still too big for me.
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    I realized I misvalued these. New asking is 1300.
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    I've been using the 3A-5TS from last year as a work bag almost everyday since I got it from it's drop. Thought it would be the bag I'd use for the next 5 or so years, but then along came the 3A-5... Here's a little writeup of a comparison between the two. For a little context, I commute to work by bike everyday and have to carry a 15 inch laptop, a change of clothes, and an extra pair of shoes. The size of the 5TS and 5 perfectly fit my needs, but the differences on the 5 were surprisingly helpful. The obvious differences are the roll top lid and the two giant fixed pockets in the front. My biggest gripe with the 5TS was that anytime I wanted to grab something from the main body, I'd have to pop open 3 buckles and refasten them closed all over again. The roll top feature solves this nicely by reducing the buckles I need to fiddle around with to 1, and also stowing away the excess material of the flap. Much easier to grab something from the bag with the top rolled in when the bag is still strapped tight to yourself. The two exterior pockets are a nice addition to the bag. I had the first generation xpac 5TS before getting last year's, and a feature I missed a lot were the two built in zipper compartments on each side of the bag. With the newer 5TS, I tried to recreate these by sticking two MZ1's vertically on each side. The exterior 3A-5 pockets hold much more than the MZ1's ever could, making the MZ1's no longer necessary. The mezzanine pockets behind them are really useful as well and serve as a nice little spot to store items you'd like to grab quickly without having to fuss with any buckles or zippers. Despite the lack of TS, the attachment loops on the 5 work well if you still want to expand your storage. Though the website only demonstrated you could attach a MK1 and MK3, I was able to attach my MZ1's without any issues. While I opted not to use the MZ1's anymore, I've attached a DSPTCH glasses case to 1 loop, a key charm to another, and a grimloc carabiner to another to hold my keys. A surprising change was the inclusion of two smaller inner zipper pockets as opposed to the single pocket of the five. Though a seemingly minor change, it helps partition my smaller items nicely. Although the single pocket from the 5TS is larger than one from the 5, the combined volume of the two smaller pockets is greater. Here's to hoping including two of these pockets becomes a standard and not just unique to the 5. There are some subtle differences you might miss that aren't obvious in the product shots. The lid on the 5 is reinforced with 3 sections that helps act as a guide to properly fold it in. It also helps give it a nice solid shape and structure, making the 5TS lid feel flimsy in comparison. Another small difference is the left and right buckles on the 5 can't slide up quite as high as on the 5TS due to the stitching on the thumb-break closures for the exterior pockets. This slightly restricts the expansion of the 5 vs the 5TS. I'd often pack my 5TS to the max fully expanded for weekend to week long trips. Though the difference is small, I'm a little worried for when I'll have to pack similarly with the 5. Despite the suggestively simpler name, the 3A-5 is in many ways a worthy upgrade to the tried and true 5TS. The 5 solved most of my gripes with the 5TS and will probably be the bag I'll use for years to come, unless Acronym and Bagjack manage to find another surprising way to improve the bag again (which I'm sure they will). Hope you all enjoyed my sincere writeup.
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    6203.43.11 - Other: Water resistant trousers or breeches source
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    Fuck outta here with that price. P25 is still in stock on mothership brand new and LESS than your listed price. Seriously.
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    About yesterday Qlo//quiksilver watermen//no.2 2001//nike
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    Kapital RIng Coat // Kapital no.5 // Visvim Gabo
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    i was fortunate enough to access the mothersite right on time when the 3a batch dropped couple of weeks ago. even though i knew the 3a-2 would be the most covetable item from the drop, based on the slingbag/hipsack trend these days, i didnt pull the trigger on the 3a-2 because i really had no use for it. its really disappointing to see ppl sell stuff they dont need at a premium, let alone on sufu. if you really wanna pull that shit off, do it on grailed
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    4 weeks wear. Will get their 2nd wash this weekend
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    First pair Elephant 2 revenge. Second pair Broken Elephant 6
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    wts: p30a-ds size small $1400usd shipped in NA (retail + duties)
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    Anyone got the a tariff code for the p30a?