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    Post wash/stretch measurememts are waist88 fr30 br40 lovely texture and feel
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    Just sharing my Fullcount Type 1 tight fit, this version is really tight that i need to pick one size up as my normal size (maybe two sizes up for some people). it looks very smart and easy carry than those vintage cut and details are remain the same as normal.
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    Good thing I got 1108-EX squirreled away for posterity ...Thanx @beautiful_FrEaK!!!
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    got a pair of 1108's in one wash. sized down one (very tight buttoning up)
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    So these are the first side by side photos of the new model vs. old model. Not much information, just no arcs and tabs and the stitch color looks a little different along with narrower back pocket stitching. Pulled from here, there are a few more photos there as well: http://let-it-be-clothing.blogspot.com/2018/11/blog-post_23.html
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    Repost of the WAYWT thread. Thanks to @dudewuttheheck for his advices on the A-2 Sizing.
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    Here are some 1101XX EX 25th anniversary revival jeans alongside my 1108XXs which I have been wearing evenings and weekends for 27 months.
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    RЯL slim fit after about 5 years of irregular wearing
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    I wanna try some 710s. Saw these examples from Sapporo-Base Clothing Store (not my pictures).
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    post wash. interesting fabric. under normal lights, they don't shine as much. but under sunlight or in the day, they're really vibrant..
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    So I did end up picking up the 3Sixteen DSPTCH bag and it's beautiful, color is less burnt orange in person. But I think I might be returning it. It's a little too big for everyday use for me, I don't really carry all that much stuff. Kind of on the fence about it. On the one hand I really like it, on the other hand I feel like I look silly taking a big half empty backpack to work everyday.
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    Hi guys. Wondering how do you wash and dry your Resolute or your Denim in general?
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    a cross post. for resolute reference...
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    3Sixteen is coming out with some new backpacks in collaboration with DSPTCH, thinking I might grab one. Torn between the tan and grey I think, but all the color ways are nice.
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    After 4 weeks of wear working construction. They’ll get their first wash tomorrow. I’m tough on jeans. Haha
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    Resolute 710 in size 36x36, one-wash (longest available inseam option from Resolute @34.3" with potential to shrink some more)
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    A quick pic of my pair that doesn't fit anymore
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    Fit update of my 710 after I put them through the dryer. The inseam shrank another 2 cm.
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    They look great! How bad is the crotch blowout? On other news:
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    710s after a year. Crotch blowout is currently forcing a hiatus.
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    Just Posted on What About Jean Jackets but here is my Type III, almost four years old now! Thanks for looking.