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    I have the same pair. the patch design is the same as the very first model (known as kojima patch model), yet the jeans are not the first model. some shops have specially ordered jeans with kojima patch, and these are what james fabled (a shop in osaka) ordered around 2000. the very first model has red selvedge, but james fabled 1001xx has orange selvedge because the fabric is the same as 1000(1000xx) strong yarn denim. this is my kojima patch 1001xx. the patch design completely faded out
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    Update to my Skulls 5507, these are the lighter version which weight somewhere around 13 oz. They have about 8-9 months of on and off wear and about 15+ washes. I removed the patch because it was all shriveled up because of all the washes they went through. Here are some comparison shots of the 5507 and 5010 6x6 (texas cotton):
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    Today I want to tell you the story behind our pocket fabric. Here in Dresden we have the largest collection of original japanese Katagami in the world. The collection was forgotten in a depot of the Kunstgewerbe Museum Dresden for 125 years. By accident 92 boxes with 16000 Katagami were found behind closets. In the exibition "Logic Rain" by the Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden, were shown 140 of them for the first time. They are showing the variety of the theme rain. A Katagami is the traditional color template for samurai kimonos. They were cutted out of Mulberry paper, that was glued in several layers and dried over years. Mr. Ruttloff visited the exibition and was fascinated by the beauty and richness of detail. With the love to the japanese denim culture and the japanese fabric we use for our artisan challenge project, the idea for Katagami printed pocket bags was born. Mr. Ruttloff asked the museum and got the permission. Marco owner of https://www.nikkifaktur.de/ and workshop neighbor of Mr. Ruttloff, was so nice to do the prints. We did two different prints, one in white, one in white/black. The fabric is a 9 oz indigo overdyed selvage denim, that will fade beautiful over the time. With the fading process, the black prints will show up. Please note: for the Katagami all rights reserved by KGM/SKD (http://www.skd.museum/) We hope you like it. Next: denim and hardware.
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    I gave my RS04s another wash the other day. Here's how they're looking now. Really wish I could keep wearing these frequently, but the fabric is getting pretty thin in spots and I don't think it'll hold much longer.
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    Great Onis, BOF! I always loved the blue rain colour. I decided to start another big project in my contest pair.
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    Saturday afternoon, usual destination. Kojima Jeans SDA 107 RW 6inch round toe Picked the shirt up in Pronto early this year, its my new favourite. Great fabric and details: Chin strap collar chest pocket: Side gusset and stitching run off: last pic is closer to the true colour:
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    My Zurrick / Nicks after 3 months of daily wear
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    just cause u waited 2 years for ur toj doesnt mean u actually have to wear it...
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    Teaser of evo pics to come when these get a soak/wash pretty soon. The snow finally melted and the accumulated dirt can now be washed away. In order: Pbj XX-005, SDA-103, Momo 0805SP, Samurai 710BH, Momo ER002-7B. The latter two were worn the most for the past 6 months. The sammies start showing some progress on the whiskers and combs. I like the fact the dark weft starts poking through in some parts of the momos such as the coin pocket.
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    my mate just cut his finger off trying to slice a burger bun with a kukri knife lmao
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    s710xx 15th anniversary after 1 year. about 11 months wear (time off for repairs). 6 machine wash/dry details fit (sorry for the iphone quality)
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    P17-s and J43-K
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    X-post from the final pic thread. Thanks for organizing this Mega! OK... It's been a great couple of years with these jeans. Oni Secret Denim (18oz). Heavy weight category. These past two years haven't been as exciting for me as for some other contestants, so I don't have any pictures other than the jeans to show. Here is what the jeans looked like when I first got them: And here they are now: Being worn... No one else to take the pictures for me... Some details... First, the wear on the button. I find it funny that the enamel wore off of the top, but none of the others. And a few shots of the texture (rather unique material on the Onis): I don't think that the material is going to take too much more before it starts tearing all over the place.
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    Great, great pager. I hope I can keep it up - first session of my backpiece is done by Wen Ramen, freehand drawn in 2 hours, then 6 hours of lining. (Sorry, you'll see my rear end.)
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    Red Cloud R400H - somewhere between 9 and 12 months of wear.
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    Another month of daily wear on the TCB 50's jacket
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    Just got this done by Sara Fabel
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    2 3 Yohji headband/ Damir Doma knit & pant/ Shirt By Walid / Marsell Shoes
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    Sasquatchfabrix fannypack to add to the set
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    Sorry about the double post but a beer filled bump feels legit. I was happily surprised by Hapi Daze (from New Zealand) by Garage Project on the far right. Far more hoppy than I expected from a beer with 4.8 %. Also feels a bit dodgy/fun that they craft their beers in an old petrol station. The pineapple american pale ale in the middle was also really neat. From the Swedish brewery called Brewski if you want to look it up. Enjoyed this somewhat crappy DIPA while watching the Manchester derby. Thank god we won this one!
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    you wanted pictures? I'll do you one better Here's a denim review video I just put together. https://youtu.be/rS0RgVwM6fI
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    The embed code doesnt seem to work, Does anyone know how to post youtube videos on this forum? got some footage of me skating in my IH-B01sbgII. Edit: I got it to work
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    And here's some really nicely worn Warehouse 1003XX's: http://www.denimba.com/2015/04/11/17658
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    So I bought Flash's 1109xx. Im actually surprised at how little wear there was on these and they fit pretty darn well. Here's a pic in comparison with my 3sixteen 130x: All I can say is that I definitely can't wear to start wearing them. I've been eyeing to have a pair of fullcount denim for a while and glad I could buy Flash's pair. This denim sure is lovely Edit: Thanks again Flash!
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    Haven't been around in a while - picked up an M6 recently so ran a few rolls through, sorry for the one random black and white
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    hc-sf-04 final submissions. super heavyweight category. PBJ-007 24oz. Start: Final shots: Details:
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    just a simple plain tees with ande whall's and adidas superstar
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    Skull 5507XX 6x6 Traditional Slim Straight. Size 32 with 31" hemmed inseam. Purchased from SELA right before they stopped carrying Skulls. Started Nov. 2010...so approximately 4+ years old. 7 soaks 3 hand washes 2 machine washes *Fresh from a regular machine wash and dryer here, nothing special. Just threw them in with some soap and then, tossed 'em in the dryer. Beautiful denim. There doesn't seem to be much love for Skulls anymore these days but I will always covet this pair as they were my first true pair of raw, Japanese denim. Call me sentimental but they're kinda like a first love...you never forget them. *Please excuse the less than stellar photo quality. Used PS Levels to get as accurate color as possible.