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    I'm pretty happy with my Slim Fatigue Pants. Fit just like I hoped they would. Also featuring some serious sunburn I got during a festival last weekend
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    Warehouse 2002XX/Outlier/Orslow/Paraboot
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    3sixteen smiths t shirt SG 5009 RW
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    WTT: P10-S XL Raf for P15-CH black L (would consider night or XL) p23ts-ch/p23a-x p24a-x
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    Tcb 20s/30s tux Bob Dong white tee Excelsior
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    ^ ouch... factor 50 all the way mate... that sun can cause serious damage
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    Apparently SI created new boots for fw collection with Ecco,most likely from DYNEEMA® bonded leather.
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    Decided to switch from nylon to leather laces and it’s a world of difference in fit. The nylon laces, even though they look great, make the boot really tight. The leather laces have better give and will mold with the boot. It’s definitely a different look.
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    I've worn my 1108s almost every day for the last three months or so, they're at almost 100 days of wear. I'm finding that they've already developed some nice fading, and they don't seem super slow to fade even if it's not as fast as other jeans I've worn like my Samurai S710. The arcs are already disintegrating, much more than any other jean I've owned. Only repairs I've performed have been to fix a few broken inseam chainstitch spots near the crotch. These breaks happened in the first few weeks of wear, and haven't been an issue since. What I really like though is that the tight, high stitch count sewing on the back pocket edges hasn't shown the slightest sign of wear - the back pocket stitching coming undone is my biggest gripe with Japanese jeans and a frequent issue on my Samurai and Flat Head pairs. This seems to suggest that 100% cotton threads aren't quite as fragile as I'd assumed, but can be quite sturdy with the right thread/stitch count/sewing technique. Really, my only complaint is that I wish FC had used yellow threads for the yoke/felled seam stitching instead of the brownish-orange thread, but it ought to all even out as the thread fades over time. I'm washing these after every two months of wear, so by October/end of warm weather season, they should be at six months/three washes.
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    Just in case any of you budding designer/DIYers fancy this:
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    Toyo's statements in the past were that Okinawa and Hawaii models and their respective denims are made from sugar cane fibers and indigo from these regions. (I've seen retailers and online sources claim that the cotton was also from said regions, but I couldn't verify that claim to originate from a Toyo source.) what happened in 2016 was that the last of the Big 5 ceased commercial sugar cane planting & harvesting - if and how much of that production ended up (as a by-product) at Toyo's we don't know... Toyo's AW2018 catalogues still claim that their Hawaii model denim uses bagasse originating from Hawaii. given traditional apparel supply chain planning timelines and typical raw material buying behavior I would think that a 2016 Hawaiian sugar cane harvest stock could have been use up within 2 seasons - max. 3. Toyo probably only runs 1 production lot of jeans & jackets per year. AW2018 garment retail lots were probably planned and scheduled for in 2017 already. it's also possible that Toyo's Hawaiian bagasse never came from big commercial plantations (i.e. Hawaiian Corporate and Sugar Company - HC&S owned by Alexander & Baldwin) in the fist place, but from smaller, alternative and still existing growers...
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    The 105 is loosely based on a 1950s 501. It has a standard leg but is still a fairly tailored silhouette. The 90s as its name suggests is based on a loose/baggy fitting 1990s silhouette and comes without selvedge. The pair you linked to is also a raw version, whereas the 105s mostly come one wash.
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    ^ They have a few sub-brands that consistently seem to put out interesting stuff. This is tagged Oahu Garment Co. (actually doesn't allude to Sun Surf anywhere at all besides the SS product code); they mostly put out blouses and work jackets in similar "palaka check" patterns. The other sub-brand that has stood out to me, especially in the last couple of seasons, is Union Supply, which seems to be more factory- / navy-inspired. The fabric that they used for this shirt is one of my favorites of all that I own—check pattern aside, the yarn / weave combo has an awesome dry hand that breathes great and stays really crinkle-y even sans starch, almost like a heavy-gauge linen. The factory wash seems to have shrunk it a ton, as there's plenty of puckering, and they've used this to their advantage by cutting the yoke horizontally so that the main back panel's ended up with a bunch of extra width post-shrink, comparatively, just as if there was a sizable pleat (which there isn't). Would've made it horrible try and size a non-wash version, but ends up giving great range of motion. Great design overall.
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    Hello everyone SAY HI post
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    Sun Surf, TFH, Cane's, Cabourn Will take some time to get used to the (relatively) lower rise on these, but overall I'm plenty happy with the fit so far. Plenty happy with the details, too, but that goes without saying.
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    WTS ton of Veilance Indisce Pants, 33, black, 9/10 condition, made in canada, $175 USD w/ CONUS shipping Voronoi Nyco, 33, peat 7/10 condition (fading and general wear but no holes/tears), made in canada $75 USD w/ CONUS shipping Voronoi Nyco, 33, black 7/10 condition (fading and general wear but no holes/tears), made in canada $75 USD w/ CONUS shipping Voronoi Terratex, 33, black 8/10 condition (general wear, not really perceptible but I've worn them pretty often), made in canada $175 USD w/ CONUS shipping Mionn IS Jacket, medium, black, 9/10 condition, made in canada, includes garment bag, $300 USD w/ CONUS shipping Everything for $650 USD w/ CONUS shipping ($150 off of summed price). PM for pictures or questions.
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    effector aw warehouse duck digger belly full of bbq tofu belt not needed ooe yofukuten OA01XX-1217 paraboot chambord
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    Took a couple of quick phone pics of my DD-1001XX (1947) jeans. I've had them since May 2018, but didn't wear them all the time. Washed only a few times because I didn't do any strenuous work in them. I went for a size bigger (32 instead of 31) and have been wearing them with a belt as you might be able to tell from the waistband folds. It's made them a really easy pair of jeans to wear, especially in the summer time! Would liked to have nabbed the 1946 jeans in the newer denim, but opted for a pair of IH jeans for the winter time.
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    Some more information on the new Warehouse denim taken from a few staff blog posts. Please excuse the google translate “Since the newly developed denim is more than 14 oz, many people may be familiar with the 14.5 oz fabric familiar with the Lot 800XX etc. However, it is not that the feeling of Zara is strong so far and personally with the Lot 1001 XX etc. I feel that the familiar 13.5 ounces of dough are tightly packed. I think that the color is clearly darker than the 13.5 ounce fabric, but it seems that since the core of the thread is still clearly white, sharp color loss can be expected.” ”And attention is the analysis of wartime Vinteji-Denim, and it is a new 14 oz strength new denim fabric woven with yarn of vertical 6.7 × horizontal 6.6.” “By performing the refining process before the rope dyeing in normal temperature water instead of the general high temperature, the "white-white yarn" in which white clearly appears in the center of the yarn is faithful to the 40's Vinte di denim vertical yarn. I reproduce it. By increasing the concentration of the indigo dye, the contrast with the white part of the yarn comes out clearly, and you can expect a sharp decoloration like Vinte-Ji Denim in the 40's.”
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    Thank you @Maynard Friedman and @beautiful_FrEaK That confirmation just sends chills up & down my spine. The 1937 is my favorite cut. Maybe I will just find a free-standing glass display and place these as the focal point of my home. Hermetically sealed and UV glass, ofcourse.
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