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What are your jeans doing today?


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sorry for late crosspost (from denime contest thread) and to everyone, who has to see my pics again.

just think it´s nice idea for a thread and want to help to get this started.

so, pics from yesterday-

went for a hike in the snow glazed alps today






that´s were we went:



to have a nice, warming soup:


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What you're looking at right now is mushrooms, somehow the top soil we layed down combined with a rainstorm and a shady cool day COVERED out backyard in them. We literally had to rake them all up and put them in barrels there was so many:


Umm, are those the good kind? If so, I'll be right over to clean those up for you. ;)

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Guess what. You will never get rid of those mushrooms unless you rip up your lawn. Once you get the spores they almost never go away. They will die down in the summer months but once that rain comes, it is over man. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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