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Pics that describe your childhood (pics only)


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Starscream circa late 1980s ... my favourite toy of all time


My space marines never looked as good as this, but every Friday afternoon was WH 40k! I would've killed for these terminators back then


I used to buy double of the #1's. One to read & lend to friends, one to keep in mint condition. Wonder how much they're worth now...


A big part of my childhood, along with episodes of Press Gang, Monkey Magic, Banana man, Super ted, Doctor Who and Degrassi Jr high



My sister and I used to keep guinea pigs, they were eaten by the neighbour's dogs when we went on holidays


I had a he-man toy that would swivel when you pressed his belt buckle in


There was a time when I wanted nothing more than to be up there like cazaly. The bombers were my team and Hawthorn was our nemesis


This isn't quite the same packaging... but brings back memories of riding the train home after-school


This shit was gold when I was in primary school. Who needs a PS3?


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Collected 2 arnotts biscuit tins full of these. Used to clean up during recess. Hated chipping the big ones though.


My friends and I were so into war films and playing war games my dad used to worry I'd become a psycho and join the army. Little did he know it would just become an expensive japanese repro & flight jacket fetish haha


My mum used to drop me & my sis off at the local library whilst she did the grocery shopping. Loved the whole choose your own adventure books, fighting fantasy, doctor who, hardy boys, enid blyton, etc


This one shows my age. Used to play this on the XT. If you remember this... you old!!!


Another blast from the past... frogger!


And before computer games existed, we used to play this...


Instant happiness


Stuck in the suburbs, I obsessively collected everything of value... including used train tickets, chupa chup sticks & mentos wrappers. My stamp & coin collection are probably worth a mint these days


Can't believe we used to fight over this shit


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