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Superswap v3


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I'm thrown my hat in the ring.

I think I have the "???" next to my name but my partner received his package and was unable to take pics.

For real real? The day AFTER the deadline you gonna jump in after all of the bumps lol

PS, e-mail sent

Edit: oops, in the subject line I put KitAkira instead of Akira, my bad

Hey guy! Look at the last page where I RSVP'd 3 weeks ago! Bye guy!

Edit: e-mail sent

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i didn't sign up.

but dum if you could rig it so someone sends me a dildo or an aero bar that would be much appreciated

I will make you chocolate butt plugs, and you will tell me stories about wabbits. And we will skip hand-in-hand through the future, and the legions will not stop us.


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sorry guys, I was asumng analogs list was accurated= I'll edit it again in the morning. and i've received like 25-30 e-mails I think. I'll edit the list with that info too (who still needs to e0mail me I mean)

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haha this makes me think of the things i sent the last two times

first swap was a pack of wet naps, instant gravy, and rubber gloves

second was some stupid shit like my retarded ex's awful white trash garbage food and some notes about harry potter i think??

i got such nice stuff though, from both england and diamonds, so i feel like this time i have to send something nice.

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