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  1. DenimProject - The Deviants 2013 This is the official thread for the contest of DEVIS jeans by DenimProject. The Contest Jeans: S01XX Sizing: Timeframe: June 17, 2013 - June 17, 2014 The Winners: 1st: tvshooter 2nd: rustygoose 3rd: PAUATK Participants: 00. Taichi-san +4 01. ranonranonarat 02. coleslawyum 03. aho 04. Capsicum Fried Meat 05. fobsquad 06. Mich 07. chazychaz 08. SLAB 09. efujobu1 10. PAUATK 11. kit714 12. kh2 13. silencejoe 14. LC_Miey 15. kcobain123 16. lfc4ever 17. patchmb 18. Snake 19. lamdog123 20. tvshooter 21. rustygoose 22. .API. 23. tpun 24. pwing 25. last year's man 26. undcvrsm 27. kimi 28. onehundy 29. denimexx continued... The D00XX 2013 model in more detail: It is the 1946 501XX Dead Stock selvage jeans that will used for this contest consists of a full custom order from Okayama Denim Mill in Japan. It is an exact make of the original denim used in the 46 model with the exception that it is produced in Japan. The fit is of a more relaxed fit and much looser. With that said it is not a pair of jeans if you have fashion in mind fo it. We have also decided to add in a little twist to the model number on the leather patch. And yes the patch will be leather but instead of the model number being stamped black it will be stamped green. This is because in the past there were jeans where the ink had aged overtime to a green hue and we wanted to give respect to that detail. All the details that you would expect from an original 46 model will be there. Custom yarn has also be ordered. For rivets, buttons, and other small details, we will be using Okayama Denim Mill's materials for it.
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