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Superswap v3


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Hai guyz, last day to join in (okay, I forgot to bump this earlier, deal with it...) bump for those slow ass beaches that are going to come in halfway and say how they want in and blahblahblah

And for DUM, you need to add:



Cold Turkey





Jonle714 (mentioned package not getting posted last time??? Not sure if s/he's blacklisted)











Just Another XY



By my count that's 37.... we need at least 1 person to join(/quit :()

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it's always random match up and there is no theme since it's already come up to the membership deadline and no one's thought of anything good.

on Oct 1st I'll make a post finalizing the list and then you nigs can start pming or emailing (which is best?) me and icandunkonyou addresses and we'll start setting it up.

and as with all the other superswaps you won't be paired with anyone, you'll send a package and receive a package different people.

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I posted a list on the last page of names that hadn't but needed to be added to the main list (DUM hasn't edited the main list since mao's entry)

EC I was going to +rep you for bumping this (didn't want to bump it for the third time in a row lol) but I can't

Edit: Here's the (final?) list

1. DÃœM

2. ordo

3. mrchariybrown

4. scott.M

5. mrjuby

6. icandunkonyou

7. drapygo

8. Tyro1

9. crissyw

10. sawyer

11. whitney

12. iGIT

13. youinkorn2

14. newaesthetic

15. tg76

16. Vampyvargfesten

17. demonito

18. AstroWolf

19. Desi

20. pieiskewl

21. Akira

22. Orion

23. WayneGibbous

24. mass

25. samsikle

26. julzkind

27. lawless

28. .Will17

29. Flock

30. ajax

31. e0d9n0b5

32. Commbat

33. hailxenu

34. ejm285

35. lmaozedong

36. Jimmyc

37. Lendo

38. Just Another XY

39. Destructodisk

40. Evilcrayon

41. Homi29

42. Bouwnt

43. Panicnation

44. Kaws&Effect

45. Gramps

46. Owl

47. Indesertum

48. Playdisonlyatnight

49. Jonle714 (mentioned package not getting posted last time??? Not sure if s/he's blacklisted)

50. Phen3n

51. Larssss

52. Whizkit

53. Jebeebus

54. Cold Turkey

55. Spaghetti

56. Cinderella

Wow... a bit off from the 37 estimate I gave before, I must have been really out of it lol

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for me it'd be easier if you guys could e-mail me instead of sending PMs.

so if everyone could e-mail me at jermaine[at]rawdrugraps.com with your address

and I'll then send the eastcoasters to icandunkonyou

also, if anyone is really unwilling to send it international just tell me that too.

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