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Superswap v3


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commbat, you'll plenty of time I don't want to rush anyone, but I'll set a date soon.

also, I promise promise promise anyone who hasn't received a PM will tomorrow even though I am missing a few addresses. I've contacted those I was missing and some people dropped out and some have yet to reply. If they don't replay I'll switch it around so that doesn't affect you.

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my superswap buddy will have to wait. ordered some stuff online, will be awhile when it gets gets here.

*edit found out i can have up to 20lbs to ship. 20lb dildo

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how do people feel about in person deliveries

shits about to get creepy

yo if its do-able that would just add to the... super-ness of the swap.

be sure to bring a friend to take photos of said encounter. swap-ee best be dressed sufu-approved (9)

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ok guys I'm missing two addresses, but both people have been contacted telling them who their partner is. One is definitely in I just cant fucking find their address. The other I'm hoping will reply to my PM with theirs.

I've PMed everyone I think.


I am going to double check my list again now because I had to make changes when people dropped out and I don't want anyone to be left out accidentally.

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