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Sorry to be a complete bitch here, but I have a real phobia about eating food / drink that I didn't get myself. I shoulda posted this earlier, but I just noticed everyone's talking about sending snacks. Figured I'd be honest at least...

i can see that being an issue for many people

but i'll be sending some toy figures (plus other misc. things) to my swap buddy instead :D

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I quit smoking, so please don't put temptations in my box in the form of cigarettes

I like diet soda

I like gum I haven't tried before

uniqlo socks are nice

no condoms, raw's where it's at

please don't send me no STDs

I smoke hookah, so good hookah tobacco would be awesome

no use for dildos

already have a drawer-full

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dear buddy:

send a bomb, and make sure it detonates when i open it (please dont maim me nigga kill me) (party arty)

sry, didnt get u. ill try to rig it next time tho :P

i been lazy gettn my last couple gifts :o swine flu has invaded our home. i will send some to my buddy. (i will b extra careful not to, dont worry!)

and while were on the preference thing, nothing too obscene plz!! :rolleyes:;)

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