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mrchariybrown's PSYCHO MEAT


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if someone made a superimposed LL's handsome mug on this:


it would make my day

I am going to train so that one day I may challenge Mr. Brown to a martial arts deathmatch (you do know martial arts, don't you?).

what makes you think I know martial arts? because I am asian? yes I know martial arts :(

my parents made me do taekwondo (always a korean parents concept)

2nd degree black belt then quit.

can't really do any of that stuff anymore.. maybe kick to ball level

which I'd do

except maybe to jeepster because he's too tall and his crotch is probably face level for me nomo jussayin

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true fact: I have personally seen mrcharlybrown eat 3 human babies and then wash them down with a fifth of everclear. I had a bbibimbap and a small bowl of soup. Then he went and curled a couple of small Hyundais.

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his abs be lookin like a pack of hot dogs


Coincidentally, the fact that hot dogs were the first thing that came to mind, it is quite evident why my abs don't look like his

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