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mrchariybrown's PSYCHO MEAT


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dear charly, how did you feel when all yr jawnz no longer fit...

my heart is always in a constant struggle between jawnz and psycho meat.

from my daily wears of a white tee and skin-tight denim, the latter is obviously winning. :(


"what the fuck is juice?"

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how had i not seen this thread.

true fact: I have personally seen mrcharlybrown eat 3 human babies and then wash them down with a fifth of everclear. I had a bbibimbap and a small bowl of soup. Then he went and curled a couple of small Hyundais.
what dis said.. it's all true.

and those babies tasted delicious.

damn it im pissed on this one. out of all the weird restaurants in seoul how did i miss out on baby night..

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