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Djrajio Dating Thread/Advice Column

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If she's going with it, I don't see a problem. Not every woman jumps in bed with a guy they've recently met. The way you're acting could be refreshing to her and really appreciated.

If I were you, I would probably try to get the relationship started sooner than later but don't try to get in her pants or anything (unless, of course, she wants to hahaha). Think back to the high school days haha. It could be a really cool experience that would allow you to appreciate every moment you spend with her.

Movies are always fun. Not as a first date but later on, as you're building a relationship, they can be a bonding experience. The fact that you're in public, the whole post-movie walk and urrrrthang. Keep us updated!

PS: Djrajio repped his own post flaunting the half-decent woman he now knows to get it out of the red... Fixed it.

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haha so much hate for djrajio lately... Honestly, I like the new djrajio so much more than the old one, bragging about the price of his couch and shit. It's still there, but not as over the top I guess. I don't mind hearing someone sing their own praises sometimes, as long as they know when it gets tacky. I would be interested in seeing pics of the women he's slayed tho. I'm sure there's some quality in there, but if you're claiming quantity...well...

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Jayrock, I posted this advice a while ago about a similar situation. Heed the word of the brother:

the world is full of cool girls to hang out with.

the world is also full of weed connects.

which one is in shorter supply where you are? act accordingly. profit.

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Okay let's get this bitch back on track...

Had a little movie date on Saturday with this girl I've kinda been chillin with for awhile now. She is super cool, buys me weed and stuff, but I'm always too high to make any moves. This was fun though because it's like the first time we really got a chance to hang out one on one, as she's usually with her 4-5 roommates at her place when I'm over. I don't wanna pussy foot around too long for fear of that door of opportunity closing, but it's also kinda cool to just chill as friends before trying to rush in the sack. I'm just trying to build comfort right now i guess. Plus girls are really weird and they sometimes end up liking you more if you treat them like they have aids or whatever lol. Part of me doesn't wanna chance screwing up a good thing with the weed hookup, but most of me wants to get naked and make some bad decisions. I'll probably just roll casually with this one and see what happens, as I'm not too invested in either outcome.

If anyone has been in a similar situation I'm open to suggestions. Pretty sure I'm not getting friendzoned yet, but what the hell do I know...

And I know movies are terrible for dates, but we're both stoners and it was a decent way to kill a Saturday evening. We'll probably end up going to some of the same concerts this summer and I'm thinking that might be my best opportunity to transition this thing

Edit: we watched the movie at a theatre, which is important given my watching movies with pants on comment a few pages back

took me a while to get it but ... acting like they got aids .. being all dgaf works .. it makes em want to "put it to you" ... slippery slope bet that and being a "friend" tho .. if you can find that zone .. and can go to it repeatedly .. its like finding a honey hole of punany

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Wow I feel like I'm in some weird bizarro world.

Went to Blacklist party last night and became friends w/ this girl who is trying to be the next Leah Dizon:

Ai Cherie.



Girl is straight up from Arcadia, LA and isn't Japanese at all.

Updates on this. So got a date w/ this beezy on Saturday. Should be interesting...

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i only negged because you repped your own post. it's like cwg's liking their own status on facebook.. i give them shit too.

Haha. Only Lozinski and boy better know repped. So funny.

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Beggers can't be choosers. Good enough for me.

du, i don't know if it's part of your pseudo-baller online personna but you're so full of yourself, you prolly need a reality check

sucessful people will always have haters but successful people don't get their panties in a bunch after a couple of negs

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du, i don't know if it's part of your pseudo-baller online personna but you're so full of yourself, you prolly need a reality check

sucessful people will always have haters but successful people don't get their panties in a bunch after a couple of negs

You're right. Thanks for setting me straight.

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Lesson of the day: The power of Facebook

I know, I know, if you were like me in the past, you probably don't give a care about Facebook and all the attention pre-Madonna noise out there. Who cares about friending, liking, and posting stupid pictures of what you had for breakfest, what your cat did, or knowing that your friend is in a "complicated relationship" right?


For hot, popular women, Facebook = crack cocaine and you need to create the right online-presence to mirror your real-life presense.

In the age of smartphones it's come to the point now that I never ask for a woman's phone number/email address anymore.

Instead I ask a really stupid question: "Do you use Facebook?" and get the first date from there.

It's a stupid question because literally EVERYONE uses Facebook now.

But its a powerful tool if you know how to use it to your advantage.

So why is Facebook so important?

As soon as you friend a woman, she's immediately unconciously sizes up your profile:

Are you a social, popular person?

Where do you work? Where did you go to school? What are you interests?

How many friends do you have?

Are people constantly writing on your wall and liking and commenting on your posts?

More importantly, are attractive women liking/commenting on your profile?

Are your photo albums full of interesting places and people or is it dull and boring?

Is your relationship status something weird like "It's complicated"?

Facebook instantly communicates social-value before you've ever had a first-date and can be make or break someone on the fence. It also plants ideas in her head of what to expect from you and topics of discussion on the first-date. I post a lot of my fashion stuff on my profile and almost 99.9% of time girls bring it up as a topic of discussion: "So I saw you're really into fashion on your facebook profile...." and now you have a segway into a topic that your familiar with and can further demonstrate value.

It also gives you the ability to sniff out red-flag women. i.e. women that are attention-wh$res, party-girls, and/or generally use the medium to seek attention.

Problem for many dudes is that they don't fully take advantage of these aspects of Facebook. Common things guys do wrong:

Post an unflattering pictures of themselves or no pictures at all

Posting quantity rather than quality posts

Using Facebook as their relationship diary i.e. not keeping your relationship status hidden, hiding/removing past photos of gfs, etc.

I know this is all common-sense for most guys and its still worth highlighting IMO.


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You guys hating on djrajio need to do something else with your time.

I disagree with a lot of points that he introduces into this thread and i find his essays about dealing with women, more often than not, foolish, because it really isn't rocket science or anything. If you haven't been living under a rock and have a minimum share of common sense you should know all that shit when you hit 18 tops. I also find it a bit sad that he actually took time into reading those lame ass books about dating and manipulating women.

Do i find that he dresses a bit foolish sometimes? yes. Do i think he obsesses too much about status and money? yes. You guys just need to understand the humor in it and realize it is more of an internet alter ego / joke.

I like him as a poster on this forum over the years, and probably he has said some stupid shit in the past that made me neg him or something, but the positive contributions to this forum far exceed the negative ones to a point that i don't even remember exactly what he posted to bother me.

This thread has his name on it and he posts regularly, if he disgusts you guys that much just stay away from the thread. It's as if you knew you hate pasta and still ordered it every single time you went to dine out and complained repeatedly while shoving the food down your throat

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