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coldwave/minimal wave/darkwave/minimal synth/synthpop :: post-punk :: ebm :: industrial :: etc


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also liked this song, although it was something like Gordons worship

ninetynine, on 04 Sept 2013 - 5:17 PM, said:

that ep is perfect.




listened to their album on repeat today.  both songs named Two are my favourite... I wonder if Stephen Morris had any imput during the creation of the songs on it...

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Anyone ever listen to Ova Looven from Brooklyn?


That's from the 2003 LP.  They released an incredible 12" in 2007 that took their sound a little further (check out "the killer six" on youtube if you like the song I posted).  Haven't made much of a peep since that 12" but I'm hoping...

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Influencing Machine* from California has recently made this incredible 6 tape reissue of early LE SYNDICAT tape work. Absolutely essential industrial music, 30 years old and sounding fresher and more relevant than anything going today. NIce stenciled cardboard box with 6 tapes in shells ans offset printed artbook with art from LS. Perfect!







(I also HIGHLY HIGHLY urge anyone interested in REAL industrial music to check out the works of Dajjal who has a release on Influencing Machine and also tapes on Cathartic Process. I would have overlooked this as I do not support the label Cathartic Process generally but its absolutely the best thing going if you want hypnotic wet synth paranoia...)




*(not my label in anyway, just passing along the tip)


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