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Jil Sander x Uniqlo


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seriously? i got a basic cardigan in tokyo and its size M. its snug in the shoulders and the sleeves are just long enough, but its not bad. wool stretches a bit though... im just wondering if they sized it enough to wear layers under or if its going to be tight. now that i talk it out i think large would work better. unless they really slimmed this line down...

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not sure if there were any xl's, there wasn't in nyc. a large is probably like a slim 50 but they didn't do a true m-65, are you talking about the hooded down coat? if so that might conceivably run a little bit bigger.

anyway went by to do some returns today and there's like 2 racks for men, almost all chesterfields and black chinos. i'm guessing it'll be those plus random returns for the next couple weeks

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I purchased a cotton funnel neck...super tight with the elastanic mix..like those Basic 'R'' raf simons logo polo necks..nice basic, great to layer under a jacket.

Do the plain long sleeve crew necks fit similar then


And is this oxford pin stripe can't really tell despite the description, and does fit the same as the broadcloth shirting


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stupid question but i have to ask before i pay proxy and international shipping fees.

since the uniqlos NY is sold out of the +J jackets im ordering from the UK site. are the jackets sized differently between the two countries?

i need about a 21 in chest and Ive been told by one person that a medium jacket would work but then ive also been told a large is what i need too.

any advice?

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i tried on the large blazers this weekend (all they had left). they fit me well in the shoulders but fit too long.

i wear 48 in most labels e.g. MMM

bought the slacks for 49 bucks. super stylish. will rock them hard in the upcoming weeks.

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