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  1. Nike huarache run ultra are being sold up to size 11 in japan but they seem to fit small. I think I need a half size bigger
  2. oh snap

    Leather jackets

    Not much more to go on but 烈伊真倶 is REI SHINGU which is a transliteration of "racing" using kanji instead of katakana (normally it would be レーシング). Nothing comes up with Google except an old yahoo auction for a riders jacket
  3. oh snap

    Uniqlo X Helmut Lang (Plokhov)

    ah, thanks. It goes to 3xl so maybe I'll try on one of the larger sizes and see if the proportions look ok. Its got that furry lining though which I dont like so I might just pass all together.
  4. oh snap

    Uniqlo X Helmut Lang (Plokhov)

    I think they might be releasing stuff in stages or something. They have some pieces out but not others. I want the bomber with the slat pockets (not flap pockets) but I havent seen it in store or online in japan yet.
  5. oh snap

    Uniqlo X Helmut Lang (Plokhov)

    sorry, size L I mentioned it before but forget to add it in my post
  6. oh snap

    Uniqlo X Helmut Lang (Plokhov)

    Waist is 43cm laid flat. They stretch about 10cm more Inseam is about 70cm Rise is 38cm Hem is 13cm Size L
  7. oh snap

    Uniqlo X Helmut Lang (Plokhov)

    Hip pockets are pretty deep. They go down maybe 3/4 of the way down the thigh pockets. I actually said "whoa these pockets are pretty deep" when I put my hands in. Each thigh pocket has two snaps at the bottom corners of the flap. Im about a 32inch inseam. I can get an actual measurement when I get home later. Ill do a relaxed and stretched waist measurement when I get home well.
  8. oh snap

    Uniqlo X Helmut Lang (Plokhov)

    Here fit pics. These are L, Im 6ft 85ish kg atm. jean size is 32. Its hard to see the details so I bumped exposure and contrast a bit which makes them look washed out but they are black. I agree with homi, Not all that special but good for $40. if you were looking for some sweats anyway may as well get the fashiony ones.
  9. oh snap

    Uniqlo X Helmut Lang (Plokhov)

    I went to Uniqlo here in Japan today to buy some stuff for my daughter and they had this Plokhov colab out. I lold a bit when I saw the "Urban Sweats designed by Alexander Plokhov" tag but I actually think the collection works. Just doing sweats makes it a good fit for both companies imho. They did kid's, women's and men's sizes. I bought black sweats and got matching grey ones for my daughter. wifey was not interested lol Didnt try on any of the tops, but I might go back for one of the bombers posted above and maybe a pullover and the skirt for my daughter. Quality seems to be a slight step up from usual Uniqlo sweats but its not night and day or anything. There is a zipper on the back pocket and snaps on the cargo pockets and they are nice enough. The pants are cut pretty slim all the way up, I sized up from my usual uniqlo sweats size (M to L) to get a bit of drop in the crotch.
  10. oh snap

    A D I D A S

    I bought ss14 rafdidas with the snap covered lace and one of the snaps broke after 3 wears. lol. Its not the end of the world because you cant notice it when the other snap is done up but between the weird sizing and low quality I think I'm done with these collabos.
  11. oh snap

    Superfashion randoms thoughts

    geller fw14 looks awesome
  12. Creases I'm OK with its the finish flaking off I don't like. Granted I've worn them pretty hard so maybe I'm not being fair to $200 shoes. I'll just keep them as rainy day beaters
  13. Is this kind of wear typical on docs or did I get a bad pair? They are MIE "grease black" and about 2-3 years old. I realize docs are kind of meant to be worn and not given a fuck about but the cracking looks pretty bad. I'm considering a new pair in different leather but if it's normal I'll pass. I put dubbin wax on them pretty regularly and they look better when I do, but I didnt use any until after they started cracking a bit so maybe that didnt help the matter.
  14. oh snap

    MA-1 Jackets

    silent damir doma sacai
  15. those are dope on the runway. the chunkiness/shape of them is really cool. i dont think they would work for me, but theyll look cool on some people for sure. Hopefully the continue on with them in fall pretty sure Im going to buy a pair of one of the ones neondreams posted. Those ones or these (from a couple pages back are my favourite from SS14