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Warehouse Denim Contest Result Threak


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so many great jeans. this was a great contest to participate in, guys.

here's my contribution. (sorry it's a little late, but i stopped wearing these while i was on my vacation in japan. and on the plane ride back, i caught a real bad cold and i've been out of commission for two weeks.) i finally took some outdoor pics.



comparison with the original denim that was soaked together in the first soak.




this part of the crotch kept on hitting my belt buckle whenever i sat down.


damage from carrying around keychains.





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thanks for the comments and reps.

part of the fun of wearing out a denim is to share it with fellow enthusiasts.

but i have to agree with one of the users here (sorry i forgot who right now) who said there are no disappointing jeans in this contest. these 660s are some fantastic jeans.

i'd love to see how yours turned out too, gang.

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Jesus - you really wore them to pulp....Loving it...

Thanks Beatle; my girlfriend thought you described my pair to a tee.

Gang, can't see the pics either.

I agree with everyone too, these jeans were great to wear. Did anyone else find it amusing when you explained to a friend/family/random person about the contest? For me, they were either freaked out, or thought it was awesome. What I liked best were the co-workers who initially thought it was weird, eventually saw the results and ended up explaining it (types of wear, wabi-sabi, indigo, etc) for me to people. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else had that happen.

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