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Warehouse Denim Contest Result Threak


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Yeah, I didn't get a reply either. Maybe they should post the pics they do have on their website.

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Wow, fookums pair might be the nicest jeans ive ever seen. that roping is incredible

seconded. every aspect of these is ridiculous. what else do you want? perma +rep fo sho. ive seen grail, but these are lil' john pimp-cup status...i wanna know wtf he did in these. warehouse, give him a free pair out of decency. he just made you $$$

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haha, thanks for the comments/reps guys

totally agree with salaami...i wanna know what you did in these...no doubt the best pair of faded jeans i have ever seen

Like I said before, I just wore them. I don't think I lead that much of an active life, don't really bike, run, etc. with these things. I do live in nyc, so I walk around a lot?

Compared to other contestants,the frontpockets and crotch looking pretty intact,I reckon you didnt size down too much on these,Fookums?

Eh, the crotch blew out twice haha, but the local dry cleaners actually did a pretty decent job repairing them. I usually wear something like a 30/31, but these are a 29, didn't size down on them too much, though in retrospect, I should've gone for a 28, since they stretch a decent amount.

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yeah yeah, i'm late as hell..

i don't care/

these are some serious jeans.

*the* jeans if you will.

i have some eternal 864's that are finally starting to show some wear

and some pbj007s that have been neglected, terribly.

but i always find myself rocking these


hella washes

tons of work in the outdoors

lots of wandering

a bit of travel

(first two pics pinned to a wall...fit pics at some point)




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