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Warehouse Denim Contest Result Threak


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To be honest, I'm not so sure. Like I said last time, I stopped paying too much attention to how many washes. I just washed them when they seemed dirty. I think I washed it once at 4 months and another time at 6 months. Then from there I probably gave it somewhere between 4-6 washes.

These jeans hold their indigo well, so I really wasn't afraid of washing them.

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dammmit! fuck it, pickler's shits are fire!(& the belt) but i've never,ever seen a pair of these worn that dissapointed. whoever got these denims should feel very fortunate. ware house doesn't get the props they deserve...for real.

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Guest Arcarsenal

All of these jeans look so great, I hope my submission can compare! I've been out of town since the 8th due to a family emergency so I haven't had time to take any pictures... Hopefully I can post some soon :)

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Wow...everyone's pairs are looking awesome. This was an amazing ride; can't wait to do it again!

Here are mine (#149); stopped wearing them 11/7/08 but finally got some sunlight today:




Right Pocket:


Left Knee:


Button Fly Atari:






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Wallet Fade Repair:


Right Cuff (my ankles apparently "kiss"):


What my right pocket looks like inside (courtesy of having an iPhone):


Crotch, even after a lot of repairs:


And a fit pic, photoshopped with my first time wearing them (post soak):


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