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When does the new season start?

Big Love is supposed to be back in January, still the best thing on TV. True Blood is good so far, but so was John From Cincinatti for a few episodes before that shit fell off... Sons of Anarchy and Always Sunny for sure.

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I really like Weeds, I'm just starting season 3. Halfway through season 1 of Mad Men and it's getting better. I like True Blood so far too.

I want a show where some dudes get shot though...I've never watched The Wire, will that work?

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1. Gossip Girl Ok to watch but Serena has become so annoying lately. Nate is fatally hot when he is broke.

2. Lipstick Jungle Ok to watch. That female designer is awkward tho.

3. 90210 Stupid girls but hot guys.

4. Rachel Zoe project I feel sorry for her when it comes to her personal style. Brad is hot but he is a professional actor rather than, what they claimed, ex-vogue intern.

5. Brother Sisters. Boring and these hoes take themselves too seriously. That female who dates Senator is awkward.

6. Desperate housewives That queer as folks guy is an awkward extra.

7. Stylista Crap. ELLE magazine has never been this low end ever. As low as a reality show.

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I'm liking this season's Dexter more than last, but it's still not on par with the first season. The twist being thrown in there with Prado is really breaking some different ground. Still haven't gotten into the new season of Californication, gotta grab that online.

The fact that the CBC website has full episodes of Mad Men has proven deadly. After Servo talked about it on here a few times I gave it a go and have been addicted since. Anybody else have trouble trying to explain it to people who are interested? "Men enjoying the power-life in a 1960 ad company" comes off as boring to most, I tell them they'd just have to see it to get it.

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weeds is dick

californication season 2 is all about runkle

im enjoying dexter and miguel

yea season one of dexter was the best. miguel is alright, i guess they needed to add something to the show.

runkle is saving this season thats for sure

im done watching weeds

entourage has made a semi comeback this season.

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