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General TV show discussion


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Post about the shows you are following.

Recommend shows. Post up links to download or streaming sites.

Heroes is whack. Hiro sucks. Mohinder is a bitch.

House is losing its appeal. I hope the private eye doesnt stay.

Prison Break is unintentionally funny.

Picked up No Heroics. British comedy. Seems decent.

Ari/Davies fight in Entourage was classic.


Just killing time with those. Really waiting for Its Always Sunny, Breaking Bad and Dexter.


Good site to download new episodes the day they air

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heroes is pretty good.

i dont watch the others, but why is matt parkman in africa?

claire is going crazy.

why the fuck is peter stuck in a latino gangsters body?

does ando get the powers like mohinder did?

is mohinder going to mutate?

i dont know. wtfff and why cant nicki remember who she is, wtf happened?!!?

im fucked.

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i know this is late pass

but i just started watching breaking bad

shit is REAL

breaking bad is good. a little uneven at times because i think they never thought they'd get past 3 or 4 episodes.

true blood is interesting too. and i don't care if it is trendy, i like mad men.

of course lost is the shit for me though...

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